June Recap

So how did this month go (besides too fast)?

Weekday Runs:

Summer arrived.  It was warm most days and we had very little rain.  So I was able to run at least 3-4 times each week.

Long Runs:

There were NONE.  I ran races on the weekends. There were NO double-digits runs.  The longest were a 7 mile run and a 5 mile post 5k run.

Total Mileage:

 I ran 76 miles this month – the lowest amount in many many months. But I wasn’t training for anything and it’s summer so I guess that’s ok.



I ran FOUR races this month – three 5Ks and a 10 miler.

I was generally happy with how they all went. I did not have PR goals and of course, they could have been faster.  I won age group awards in two of the 5ks. The Adirondack Distance Run was my 2nd fastest 10 mile race (out of 6).

Cross Training:

Now that I am unemployed, I have been able to play A LOT of tennis – 3-4 times a week. I have met new people and I have enjoyed it.

I DID NOT go to a single yoga class!! Someday I will do, I promise.


I did to the gym at least twice. I know that I should go more but it’s a start.

I walk to the tennis courts when I play nearby and occasionally do go for a walk. But not as often as when I worked.  I think that the tennis makes up for it, though.

Other News:

I finished my volunteering with STEM. The participants all ran their 5k race and it was an awesome experience.  I can’t wait to do it again in the fall.


I went hiking twice…by myself and loved it.

I took a trip to NYC with Judy – We did a running tour of Central Park, went to the zoo and met a fellow blogger, Karen. What a full but exciting day!!

Boating season has begun.  The weather has been great. I love it at the lake.

Feeling healthy so Life Is Good.

Hopefully I will find a job and life will be even better.

Looking Ahead:

I’m not sure when my next half marathon will be.  So far, it’s not until October. But that could change. (ZOOMA Cape Cod Half Marathon which I was scheduled to run in September got cancelled 😦 )

I do have a bunch of races coming up.  This is my list so far for the next 2 months:

  • 7-10-16 – Saratoga Springs Strong to Serve 5K
  • 7-23-16 – Silks and Satins 5K
  • 7-31-16 – Care for Kids 5k
  • 8-06-16 – Race the Train (8.4 m)??
  • 8-13-16 – Camp Chingachgook 10k or Half Marathon
  • 8-20-16 – Jailhouse Rock 5K

No monthly goals.

my motto for 2016

Happy Running! How did your June turn out?  Anything exciting planned for July?  


11 thoughts on “June Recap

  1. Way more miles than I ran last month (not sure how many it was, but probably somewhere around 50, no double digit runs and no plans for any in the near future.

    A bunch of people in my running group are talking about doing Chingacook . . . it’s the weekend my brother is in town but I don’t think he gets in until Sunday, so I’m considering it.

    Waiting to see how my body feels. I was going to do it last year, and then my IT flared so I didn’t (and luckily hadn’t signed up for it).


  2. Wow, you had a busy month despite lower mileage. Lots of variety thrown in there ! You are lucky to have had such nice weather, I hope you are enjoying your weekend on the lake. Racing pretty much stops in an around Paris for the 2 months in the summer, I have nothing on the schedule until September….


  3. My long runs have come to a stop pretty much too. I did get in 5 miles at the beach and with all the scenery, it still didn’t seem like 5 miles. You had a great month and 76 miles is not shabby at all. Your month of many races sounded like mine back in April. I too missed the story on your retirement. Will you be returning to the workforce or is it official for you? I would love to try and decide how to spend my day! I think I would anyway. 🙂


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