Wednesday Word: Energetic

Deb Runs

Every Wednesday, the Deb from Deb Runs will be providing a word about which to blog. Kind of like a nice little blog prompt. Posts can be fitness or health related, but don’t have to be, so really anyone can play along. Just be sure to link up with InLinkz on Deb’s main post, and share the love by reading and commenting on other’s participant’s posts.

Today’s word is ENERGETIC.

This is an easy one for me.

My friends call me “the energizer bunny.”

I never sit still.  I hate to be inactive.

Rest days torture me.

I take them because I know that they are good for my old body.

So what do I do on my rest days?



Even when I am super tired, like Monday.  I had run 11 miles the day before, got little sleep and worked all day.  Then after my speed group work out, I was energized.  I went for a walk in the mall after.

Running energizes me? What about you?


And tapering?  Don’t get me started.  My schedule called for 8 miles the weekend before my half.  So I ran 11. I planned to take it easy this week but don’t count on it.

My boundless energy drives my hubby crazy sometimes.  He likes to relax at home. Of course, I am always finding things to do.  (Lucky I have crazy friends.)

And my friends, too.

On our tennis vacation, they may drive to the courts.  I either walk or bike.

bike riding every morning around World Tennis Center

And on the beach, they will sleep in the sun.  I love the sun but after a while, I will get up and go for a walk.


Is good to be energetic?

I think so.

Just be wary of overdoing.  Listen to your body.  Reel it in if if makes those around you uncomfortable.

Happy Running! Are you energetic? How do you feel on rest days or tapering?



13 thoughts on “Wednesday Word: Energetic

  1. That is good you feel energetic!
    I don’t feel that way too often, I do prefer to be active to sitting though and I think that is what gets to me. Waking up and going to work to sit…sometimes by the time I leave I lose my motivation. That is why I like morning runs, I always feel better knowing i did something!


  2. When I am on vacation I like to walk or ride bike to places but the people I am with usually want to drive or take a!

    In a way, running keeps me energized but I also know I am ready for bed much earlier on days I run!


  3. I prefer active vacations and walking everywhere – I need a vacation from traffic I guess. I am energetic with exercise, but not so much around the house!


  4. Fun post!
    Hey one persons taper is always different than another. I say if you felt good doing the 11 miler then you did the right amount! After all taper is really more about just keeping your body active and loose and not running to the point of exhaustion. So if you were energetic enough to go more, then why not:)
    To be honest, I need a little of your energy this week, LOL


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