Thinking Out Loud Thursday: Holidays, New Running Routes & BitMoji

Since it is Thursday,  I’m linking up today with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud Thursday.

thinking out loud

  • Tonight is Christmas Eve even though weather-wise it feels like spring.

I plan to squeeze in a run today between the rain drops. Tonight we’ll probably spend a quiet evening home (I’m Jewish & my hubby doesn’t care much for the holidays) or maybe I can talk him into dinner out and a movie.

Tomorrow morning, my hubby will open his gifts (I bought my own so no excitement there) and then head to play Santa with my mentee & her sons (I can’t wait to have GRANDKIDS!!)







I’ve been mentoring Amanda for 7 1/2 years but I won’t bore you with ALL my annual Christmas Photos.

After playing Santa, my hubby & I will go to my MIL’s house for dinner. My SIL, BILs and 2 stepsons will be there also. It’ll be an Italian dinner with lasagna and the trimmings (probably cannoli for dessert – maybe I should squeeze in a run in the morning??)

After dinner, I plan to visit my BFF whose daughter is visiting from CA.

I usually participate in a blogger card exchange but this year, I forgot to sign up.  So here you go, fellow running bloggers:

run card

  • Speaking of running, I don’t know about you but I get tired of running along the same streets or same paths.

To get me motivated (especially when the weather isn’t perfect), I need a new route.

Last year, I ran a lot on the unpaved rail trail near where I live.


It is unpaved for almost 2 miles so it’s good for an after work 4 miler.


Then this year, they paved the rest of the rail trail going 3.5 miles in the opposite direction.




It is my new favorite place to run and I’ve run on it several times but on Sunday, I was ready for something new.

So I parked my car near where the unpaved trail ended and ran the rest of the unpaved trail.


It is a little narrow in parts.


But has interesting features


and views.



Several bridges (I love bridges.)



At 3.5 miles, I turned around.  I think it was the end.  I will explore more next time.


  • I have a new obsession – BitMoji!

Anyone else?

I used this one last Friday.

It’s still a work in progress.  I’m not sure it even looks like me. But it’s a fun stress reliever.

Happy Running! What are your holiday plans? Do you vary your running routes often?



9 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thursday: Holidays, New Running Routes & BitMoji

  1. Great running route. I like to switch things up a bit, especially on my long runs ! Today I ran into the city…. something completely different for me, I usually run in the woods / forest. But loved it and the change in scenery kept my mind occupied. Hope you had a nice Christmas day.


  2. It looks like a great run spot to me. The closest trail i have is very technical and hilly, I have not been since before my injury. Other than that, there is just neighborhoods to run in, unless I really want to take a drive. The closest rail to trial is an hour away.


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