Thinking Out Loud Thursdays: Baseball & Running & Running Clothes

thinking out loud

So I’m linking up today with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud Thursday.

Here’s what I’m thinking today…

  • The Amazin’ Mets

Yes, I am old enough to remember both of those seasons.

I am from Long Island and my family and my ex’s family were avid Mets fans.  I mean we watched every game. (My ex bil & I could name all the 69 players & their numbers…)

Once a Mets fan, always a fan but it’s been tough….

15 years since they’ve been to the World Series… So exciting!!!

  • Sometimes I think I am way too busy to train. Since I can’t find the time to run!!

Today it is raining. That wouldn’t be so bad because I ran yesterday but the weekend is packed full of stuff to do.
Tomorrow, I have to get home right from work to clean my house because I am hosting Mah jongg.
Saturday I am driving to Poughkeepsie to spend the day with my college bff and we are walking the Walkway Bridge & Bike path. If I get home early enough, I am going to the movies.


here we are in 1973-4


and now


this bridge during the half marathon

Sunday, I am taking my mentee and her 2 sons to Ellms Family Farms for rides & pumpkin picking.


Matthew & Richard last year

Sunday evening, I have to make chili for our work chili cook-off on Monday.


last year’s entry – pumpkin chili

Of course, also in the mix is housework, laundry & grocery shopping…

Tell me how I can squeeze in a 3 mile and 7 mile run??? (I am training for a 15k on Nov 8 and a half on Dec 6.)

  • I have too many running shirts!!!!!

I have run over 100 5ks alone.

I have sorted through my stuff and have 2 garbage bags full of shirts that I don’t like, don’t fit or don’t need.

I have already made a blanket out of 40 of them too.

Who wears cotton shirts?  Who wears unisex shirts? Even the size small is too big. How many pink shirts does one need?

Unless the shirt is womens & tech and very cute, I don’t want another one!!


yup, it’s cotton!

  • And shorts?

When I first started running, I wore shorts.  Now I hate them.  Who wants to look at a 62 year old’s thighs?

Now I only wear skirts – they look better and are so much more comfortable.

Mothers day hat


VCM Relay

and now

Happy Running?  Are you rooting for the Mets?  Do you have trouble fitting in your runs?  What do you do with your extra running clothes?




3 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thursdays: Baseball & Running & Running Clothes

  1. Oh dear, I am a 61 year old that wears running shorts! But I always wear pairs that are a decent length and they always are loose so that they are not unsightly. I’m pretty sure my daughter would clue me in if I was wearing a bad outfit for running! You sure have a busy weekend D. You might have to get up extra early to fit in your runs.


  2. You look good in shorts, but your skirts are really cute.
    I am with you I do not like unisex shirts, I actually gave mine to Good will, since i don’t have much closet space.


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