Albany Law Day 5K Race Recap

May 7, 2015 6:30 pm The Crossings

I’ve seen this race on the schedule each year and have been tempted.  It makes sense since I do work at Albany Law School.

But it is an evening race.  It’s hard to get there after work and it’s not an ideal time to race for me. And how does one fuel for a race that starts at 6:30 pm?

Anyway, a FB running friend proposed a team and I got sucked in.

Besides, I have a race on Saturday and I would be running 3 miles after work anyway.


it was 84 degrees on my car thermostat

It seems like summer has arrived but we skipped spring.

The perfect running weather never happened.  It was cool and windy, then hot.

So yesterday, it was very warm and even humid.

I wore my summer outfit of a skirt and tank top.  Since it was only 3 miles, I didn’t wear compression socks.  And I did my precautionary moleskin wrappings and prayed for less pain than last weekend.

I did one thing you shouldn’t do – wore my orthotics for the first time in years (for a race.)

these photos are from last summer – it is prettier there when everything is in bloom

The race took place in the Crossings.


This is where I run for my Freihofer training group runs.  I have done a few races here but not in several years. (Dec 2010)

I like it. There are hills and roads and trails.

There’s a pond.

I got there early so I could find parking. The race didn’t start where I thought it would – by the pavilion near the pond.  So I parked in the wrong parking lot, at first.

Then I realized that it began near the pavilion in the back where my training group runs start.

I looked for my teammates – I was part of the”Asphalt Kickers.” Well, they never showed.

But I did bump into Valerie again and surprisedly a group from STEM (the survivors of Domestic Violence).  In fact, two of the clients were there who ran with the group that I volunteered with this past fall.

It was so great to see the volunteers again and these 2 women and especially the mother of one of the clients who had died unexpectedly.

Valerie and I started together near the front.


The STEM group headed toward the back.


Anyway, that was the good part of the race.

It went downhill from there.

I just had a bad race.

I have many excuses.

I was hungry and had only eaten a light lunch around noon.

It was hot and the only water stop was at mile 2.

The sun was in my eyes most of the race and my contacts were burning.

But the worst part was that I couldn’t breathe – it was like I had asthma.  This has never happened before.  Then I was coughing and sneezing.  I attribute it to the pollen and grass (I used to have terrible hay fever when I was younger.) But it was really tough to run when you are gasping for air.

So I ran and then walked.  I ran and walked more.  Finally I ran and walked a lot more times.

The result – the slowest 5k in a very long time.

Well, that’s how it goes sometimes.

But the good news is that MY FOOT FELT FINE!

It made the whole thing worth it.

I hung out with Valerie after I finished and had some pizza.

Then I cheered on the STEM team runners.  They were so happy.  I love to see people excited by their achievements.  It made me forget about my lackluster performance.


my last two 5ks were at a 9:00 pace. This was slower than my 10k last weekend.

I actually came in 2nd in my age group but they only gave out medals to first place.



mile 1-  8:53
mile 2-  9:34
mile 3 – 9:52
.14 –  8:04


So this was supposed to be a training run.  And it was a good one with sprints thrown in.

I guess I have something to improve upon.  Was I getting cocky with all those PRs? Yup.

I’m linking up with Jill Conyers for Fitness Friday! Be sure to check out what all the other bloggers are up to today.

Happy Running?  Ever run a race as a training run? Do bad races get you down?


5 thoughts on “Albany Law Day 5K Race Recap

  1. It’s always something, eh? The heat will slow you down, no 2 ways about it. I think you did great (although it kind of sucks the other people didn’t show). And it’s definitely great your feet were ok – here’s hoping they stay that way.

    Good luck this weekend!


    • yup, if it’s not one thing, it’s another. Foot pain is the worst, though. I think I’ll be fine if I say with the 5k. The half on May 24 is what scares me.


  2. When I was ultra training I used a lot of races for training runs. It kept things interesting with all that running. Thanks for linking up with Fitness Friday! Have a wonderful weekend.

    Yay for your foot feeling fine 🙂


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