What I am Loving…

Oh yeah!! Hopefully, that will be ME!

I have the skirt…

Runners World 5K

  • And this video #likeagirl:

I went to school pre-Title IX.  When I was in high school, the boys played sports and the girls were cheerleaders.  I wasn’t popular or coordinated enough to be a cheerleader.  I was a nerd. I was in National Honor Society and Key club and we sold hot chocolate at the football games.

I didn’t attempt a sport until my 40’s when I learned to play tennis. I was on a team and we competed at the national level. That finally gave me some confidence.

2002 – I’m the one on the right

In my 50’s, my tennis friends convinced me to try running.  Well, I haven’t looked back.  Running is the sport for me!!

I am “running like a girl” and beating 2 guys!

  • Serial podcast – It’s my new treadmill distraction.  The story is addictive.

  • Sales.  Who doesn’t love a bargain?  I got a jacket at Target for $8 (clearance & cartwell app), a skirt at Burlington Coat factory for $5(sale) and a tank at Penny’s for $2 (sale & coupon), running shoes from Amazon for $10 (had a gift card).

this jacket in white



 Happy Running! What are you loving today?

(Don’t forget to enter my Runner’s Choice giveaway HERE.)



4 thoughts on “What I am Loving…

  1. I started my running later in life too, I wish I would have started sooner! That’s cool you took up tennis and enjoyed it so much. I was always very uncoordinated in PE, i actaully failed it when we had to do gymnastics…ugh, bad memories.
    Love the deals!! cute skirt and shoes 🙂


  2. Wow, you are such a great bargain shopper. Right now, I am enjoying all the new Champion clothes we got last week. The capri pants are wonderful with a huge mesh pocket to hold fuel or a phone. I also saw the story about the 80 year old woman marathoner. You have competition, I would also like to break that record!


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