I <3 NYC

Every year, my tennis friends & I go to NYC to see a Broadway show. (Some of my favs have been Wicked, Billy Elliott, Jersey Boys.)  Usually it’s in June, the day after the Freihofer’s race but someone couldn’t go then last year so we re-scheduled to October and the date has stuck.

First we go out to a nice restaurant for lunch. (I loved Tavern on the Green but it closed, also Becco’s is a favorite.)

my first time here

I chose Cafe Un Deux Trois since it was nearby, I could make reservations through OpenTable and I love French food.

A good choice – we all enjoyed our meals. I had watercress soup,  Farfalle Maison (Farfalle pasta with eggplant, mozzarella, sundried tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, garlic and olive oil) and the most delicious Tarte Tatin for dessert.

Then we walked to the theatre.


outside the restaurant

Eighth Avenue was closed for a street fair. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to shop. (We had planned to get there early but the traffic didn’t cooperate.)

Last year I had wanted to go to Kinky Boots but we got tix for Matilda instead (and it was great!)

before the show

last year

This year we got tickets for Kinky Boots!!!

Based on the 2005 film Kinky Boots, which was inspired by a true story, the musical tells of a struggling British shoe factory’s young, straitlaced owner, Charlie, who forms an unlikely partnership with Lola, a drag queen, to save the business. Charlie develops a plan to produce custom footwear for drag queens and kings, rather than the men’s dress shoes that his firm is known for, and in the process, he and Lola discover that they are not so different after all.


We loved it. If you haven’t seen, I highly recommend it.

I love going to NYC.  The day was too short as usual.  Running in a race in NYC is still on my bucket list.

Happy Running!  Do you visit NYC often?  Have you done a race there?


4 thoughts on “I <3 NYC

  1. my daughter and I go several times a year for shows (she wants to be on Broadway). LOVED Matilda, haven’t seen Kinky Boots yet, we did just see Aladdin, though! I cannot get enough! We always end up eating in Times Square though, never anything too fancy!


  2. Growing up, we went often. Then I lived in VT, then TX . . . & my husband doesn’t like the city, plus I have to leave the dogs at the pet sitter because it’s too long for them to not go outside . . . so the last time was when we first moved here 5 yrs ago. 😦


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