EveryMove Review

Another app, you’re probably saying…

But this one is different.

You just use what you normally use to track your miles – such as Fitbit, Garmin, any phone app. It automatically syncs with EveryMove.  You can also manually add other activities such as tennis and yoga.

You earn points which can convert to $ donated to a charity or to earn discounts on healthy products.

There are 4 Ways To Earn Points

1. Enter your activities.

2. Track your steps with a device like a pedometer or FitBit.

3. Use an app like Facebook or Foursquare to “check in” at healthy places like your gym or a 5k event.

4. Invite friends and family. You can be a great source of motivation for each other, so we reward you with points when they’re active — and vice-versa.

EveryMove‘s points system reflects both the intensity of an activity and the amount of time you spend doing it.

Besides Points, EveryMove offers you other incentives.

  • An “Active Day” bonus is a points-oriented pat on the back for really breaking a sweat. There are two ways you can earn an Active Day Bonus. The first is within the day. Second, if you have more than one Active Day a week, you get even more bonus points for staying consistent. For every Active Day that you earn, you get 15 bonus points that you can share with three friends.
  • Level is another way to measure how dedicated you are to a healthy fitness lifestyle. You start on Level 1 and you can progress from level to level all the way to Level 12.  Once you get 500 points on EveryMove you move to Level 2. Once you get to 1,000 points you move to Level 3. After Level 3, levels are based on consecutive days of activities’ points.
  • Badges are a fun way to reward activities that fall outside the every day world of points and rewards.

I have been using EveryMove for a few weeks.

I have to manually add my weekly tennis and yoga activity.

But that’s it.

My walks and runs are automatically synced when I use my Nike + app.


I have already gotten Active Day bonus points several times.


It even updated when I hung out on our boat.


does eating, drinking and floating count as an activity?

I earned a badge for connecting from 3 apps.


And quickly earned my first reward and am now on my way to a second.



I chose socks for my 2nd reward

I just got around to adding in some fellow Sweat Pink Ambassadors as friends.  That will give me points as well.


last week’s stats…like that quote

So EveryMove seems to be a simple and easy to use application that integrates well with Fitbit Flex, Garmin Connect, Nike Plus and other fitness apps. It promotes healthy activities and lifestyle by awarding real rewards earned through points generated from your everyday activities.

I like the fact that you can do as little or as much as you want.  You can be competitive with your friends and you can even follow and support their healthy activities (if you have the time.)

However, there’s Facebook, DailyMile, Instagram, Blogs….social networking can be very time consuming!

Happy Running! How do you track your activities? Do you use EveryMove?





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