Maybe I Should Have Skipped This One?

Maybe I should have skipped this one?

Ever feel this way after a run??

I hadn’t run since Wednesday and the sun was shining.

And it was 50 degrees! Yes, 50 and I haven’t left on vacation yet.

No way I was not running, right?

First I should say that I tried those yoga poses mentioned in this post. They were hard but then again I am NOT flexible.  But they seemed to go well.

Not really.  The next morning, my left quad was sore and my hip ached. (I am feeling OLD!)

So I haven’t tried yoga since nor have I run.

But I hate to miss a long run and I hate to miss a run in good weather so I drove to  Colonie Town Park to see what I could do.

This park is one of my favorite places to run but I haven’t been at all this winter.

Guess what?  They have NOT cleared any snow in either direction.

So I drive back and headed to the Corning  Preserve where I was pretty sure that it would be clear.

It was so nice not to wear gloves or a jacket or even a hat!!

But I didn’t realize how windy it was…

I headed in the short direction into the wind first.


Even with 2 days rest, my legs weren’t feeling it.  My foot was achy and my hip was not painful but I could feel discomfort.  It seemed like this run maybe exactly like last weekend’s long run.

Anyway I continued to run and walk when I was tired.


I tried to extend the distance by running back and forth on this bridge


and around the parking lot of the USS Slater.  The I headed back.  It was very warm with the wind at my back.  I didn’t mind sweating at all.


The other direction had puddles that were more like lakes.  I also slipped several times when I tried to run so I tiptoed through them.


The river was pretty in spots where the ice was cracking. I enjoyed being outdoors but my legs were getting slower and slower.


Then the trail ended! What?  I should have been able to run 5 miles. Not 1.5 miles!  It was clear the last time I was here 2 weeks ago.

So I had to turn around.  And run into the wind which had really picked up.  There were times that I couldn’t even move forward.


I think the birds on the icy river were having more fun than me.

The worst part was that I planned to run 11 miles.This would only have given me 6.5.


my shoes are muddy and soaked and the snow is black as well

Yes, I really wanted to quit. I wasn’t enjoying it… it was too hard.. my foot & hip were bothering me…….

But I didn’t quit.  I started over and headed in the other direction.  I turned around and ran with the wind at my back and then turned around again and ran into the wind and FINALLY ran with the wind at my back until my Garmin said 11.

Now I walked .5 miles into the wind to my car.



It took an embarrassing amount of time but it is over! (Next long run is in 2 weeks…let’s hope for better times.)

The day ended better with dinner out to celebrate a friend’s birthday. We ate at a new Chinese restaurant.  We had dumplings as an appetizer..then I had:


shrimp with Asian pears …yum


blood orange marsipone mousse…delish!

Happy Running!  Did you run this weekend?  How did it go?


4 thoughts on “Maybe I Should Have Skipped This One?

  1. Ugh, how discouraging. I don’t think I’ve ever thought I should have skipped a run, but I probably wouldn’t have turned around and kept going when that path ended.

    I did the runDONNA 5K on Saturday. I didn’t PR like I was hoping, but that’s ok. It was a great run. Have a great week!


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