Monster Scramble 10K Race Report


The Monster Scramble 5K, 10K, and 1 mile family-fun stroll is just what you’ve been waiting for – a Halloween themed, chip-timed course through one of our spooky sites. It’s sure to make your heart (and feet) race!

As I already mentioned, I signed up for this race after I broke my foot and I thought that I would defer my half marathon until next year.But I didn’t defer and ran 131. miles last Sunday.

This race took place in Lake George and started at 12:15 pm.  I decided to dress like a Parrot Head and have fun with this race.  I knew nothing about the course other than Lake George races are always hilly.

My hubby wanted to go up to the marina and winterize our boat, So he offered to drop me off and then continue up to Bolton Landing and pick me up on his way home.

I planned to run the race, change my clothes and hang out in the village with my friend Kathi.

I had no goals for this race. Just enjoy the day!

When I got up, the weather was chillier and windier than I hoped.  I changed my outfit several times but settled on the first outfit – a skirt and shirt with compression socks.  Hopefully it would warm up.

My hubby was itching to leave so I got to the race about an hour early.  The race began and ended at the Conference Center by Fort William Henry. I got my bib & chip and walked around a little looking at the beautiful lake.


I bumped into a lady who seemed to be by herself also.  We chatted.  She hadn’t raced in a while. Though it was a small crowd.  Everyone was in costume and very enthusiastic.


Me as a “parrot head” may look cute but I could hardly see out of those glasses, the hat kept falling off & the lei kept choking me…

Around noon, we lined up and about 5 minutes later (while I was chatting), the race started. (Early??)

The first mile looped around the fort and the Conference Center.  And yes, I encountered my first hill.  I decided to be smart and take it slow so I could finish stronger than I did at the half marathon last week.

During mile 2 is when things started to go bad.  The course was poorly marked.  There were few volunteers on the course.  Just a few passing out candy.  They didn’t know the course either.  So I and everyone else just followed the flow.  And then we were told that we went the wrong way so had to go bad and turn around. Great …did I really want to run longer??

Next the course headed uphill… gradually but then it got very STEEP.  I mean I had a hard time walking up it.  Instead of looping around and going down it, they wanted you to go up it a second time.

That was fine except that many people were only doing it once. (The lady I was chatting with before the race claimed that she wasn’t as well others who had made the wrong turn.)

But I did and then headed back toward the start.

Then the 5kers turned right to finish and the 10kers turned left.  I so wanted to quit and do the 5k.

But I didn’t and continued on. I ran the rest of the race with two young girls.  The rest of the race was a repeat of the 5k we had just run.

However at this point, the volunteers had all quit.  Just one at around mile 4.5 who had water.  (It was warm and boy was I thirsty.  I also ate a gel.) The volunteer also told us that there were only 8 runners ahead of us. (Really there were 5.)  But there were NO runners behind us!! (Actually there was 1 that I never saw.)

The 3 of us stayed together so we wouldn’t get lost.  When we got to the top of the BIG hill, they said they weren’t doing it twice and just turned around and started running down.

I looked at my Garmin and realized that if we did the 2 loops, we would be way over 6 miles, more like 7. If I didn’t, we would just be a little short.

So not wanting to be last and run by myself, I followed them and ran/walked to the finish line.

well, I crossed around 1:03:18.  I ran almost 6 miles.  I’ll not count this a 10K PR – just exercise and money given to fight MS.



My friend Kathi was waiting for me at the finish.  We hung around for awards and had some cider and donuts.


And yes, I won for my age group.  (and I was the only one in my AG!!)


race swag

So this will be a race that I won’t repeat.  Next year, I’ll do the Great Pumpkin Challenge 10K in Saratoga.

After the race, Kathi & I walked around the village and then back to her house.

Kathi & I & Lake George

Kathi & I & Lake George

My hubby had finished winterizing our boat and was there with Kathi’s hubby.  It was a nice day so we decided to take a drive to the top of Prospect Mountain.


my & the hubby at the first stop

We stopped at the all the viewing stops for pics .


Then we took a bus to the top (because cars weren’t allowed.)


We decided to end the day with dinner at a restaurant called the View (because you have a great view of the lake.)  The food was great too.

So I am glad that I ran that race so that I could spend a delightful day with my hubby and friends.

Happy Running! Have you ever run a race just for fun?


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