My 2nd Time Spectating at a Duathlon


Last year, it was raining and I had a stress fracture in my foot. So this year, it was much more enjoyable.

It was a little chilly (in the 50’s) but not too bad when the sun was out.  Perfect weather for racing.

I only had a 1/2 hour drive and AJH and her friend who drove 2 1/2 hours were already there when I arrived.


This is the first and last leg of the race:

Athletes will begin with a 2.2 mile run on a fast, flat section of Canal Rd., then turn left on Whites Lane to climb the run course’s one big hill. At the top of the hill, runners turn left to continue on a flat and downhill course back to the transition area. The same course will be repeated after the bike.


getting directions at the start

getting directions at the start

This year, I could move around and get better pictures. so I walked out to the road to see AJH start and end the run.


there she goes


now she’s back

After the first run, came the bike portion:

Bikers turn left out of Krause’s driveway onto Canal Road to warm up their legs on the flats before a right turn onto Clamsteam Road, a steep incline. At the top of the hill, they turn left on Riverview Road, crossing over the interstate and putting down a few flat, fast miles on Riverview Road. They then continue on a scenic loop of rolling hills, river views, and beautiful countryside for a total of 16 miles.


off she rides

Since this part of the race would take at least an hour, I used this opportunity to run a bit.




I got in about 2 3/4 miles.  While taking the picture above, I chatted with a 3:15 marathoner who was pointing out an eagle.


she’s heading back for the final leg

The last part of the race was the same as the first.


and she’s off again

Now I returned to the finish line to wait.


she’s done and beat her time from last year!

We hung around for awards.  They were grilling cheeseburgers, hot dogs and sausage.  I had a burger & a sausage.  (I didn’t race but I did run!!)  I chatted with a lady were lives near me and was racing her first duathlon.

Finally, they announced the winners. I thought AJH would win 3rd in her Age Group.  But she won FIRST!! Woo Hoo!!

All in all, it was a nice time.  I enjoyed watching the runners & bikers….all abilities and ages were represented.

Not tempted to do one.  I’ll stick to running!

Happy Running!  Ever spectate a race?





4 thoughts on “My 2nd Time Spectating at a Duathlon

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