The Starfish


A Starfish or actual a Sea Star as they are often called (since they are not really fish but animals) has the ability to regenerate an amputated limb.

  • First it must first undergo a repair phase to heal the exposed wound.
  • Once the wound is healed, the sea star can begin to generate new cells, which in turn, sparks new growth.
  • Regeneration can take anywhere from several months to years.
  • Cell proliferation that results in the growth of the new limb occurs in the final phase.
  • If the final phase is interrupted, the resulting new limb may be deformed.


So what does a Sea Star have to do with my broken foot?

No, my foot has not been amputated.  But I cannot use it. It is useless.

  • First, my foot must go through the repair phase to heal the broken bone.
  • Once the bone is healed, I can slowly place weight on the foot.
  • Slowing I will be able to walk, bike, run short distances, play tennis…
  • Returning to running form could take weeks to months.
  • Increasing speed and distance while running pain-free is the final phase.
  • If I am not patient and run too soon, too fast, too long or ignore any pain, the result may be a stress fracture or another injury. My return to races and tennis will be interrupted.


When I was cleaning out a jewelry box, I found this star fish necklace.  It is just costume jewelry (not even sterling silver) but I am wearing it in hopes that my running will get regenerated at some point in my future.

Mother's Day 5k 2013

heal foot heal

Happy Running!


9 thoughts on “The Starfish

  1. Great comparison. Take it easy Darlene, the roads will always be there waiting for you. Recover a 100% before you start running again and I’m sure you will come back stronger than ever.


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