Running is About Community


I am fortunate to be part a Running Group (Strong Running Mamas).

It started as a small group by The Happy Runner who wanted to encourage some friends to start running.

Janis, Jen, Bridget, Jen, Felice, Lisa & me after the run

May 2010

Boy did she!  They started running for 1 minute and 2 years later they completed a marathon!!! (They even motivated me to run a half marathon!)

June - Freihofers Run for Women 5K

June 2011

The group keeps growing! Now it is on Facebook and I think there are about 120 members.  Women in this local running community seek advice, plan runs together, etc.  But more importantly, they support each other.

When I broke my ankle last year, they chipped in and sent me a gift card.  I was so touched!

Valley Cats 5k '10

with Amanda – June 2010

Recently, a group of us all pooled money together to pay for one of the SRM’s entry into the NYC Marathon.  This runner has had some physical & emotional setbacks this past year which had prevented her from running.

ours will be black with pink letters

ours will be black with pink letters

We hope to all be wearing the above shirt at the Mohawk-Hudson Half and Full Marathons on October 13!

Bridget, me, Felice, Amanda & Tami

Thanks Felice (in the center) for starting the SRMs!!

Happy Running!  Are you part of a running group/community?


10 thoughts on “Running is About Community

  1. Aww they sound like a great group!
    I love your shirts, they’re awesome. You’ll make a bold statement in October.

    I’m thinking of starting my own group here.. thinking about it..


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