Ice Breaker 5K Race Report


The Ice Breaker Challenge is a one of a kind Capital District running/walking road race challenging runners and walkers against rowers from the Albany Rowing Center. Runners/walkers will travel along the Corning Preserve Bicycle Path while rowers from the Albany Rowing Center will race along side in shells on the Hudson River.

Unfortunately, we are not having an early spring (like last year at this time…when I was not running or even walking!)

it was so warm out!

80 degrees in March 2012

This was my first time running this race but I was, at least, familiar with the course (even did a race here last June.)

start & finish line

Stride4Stride 5k

In some ways a 5K is harder than a half marathon. It’s only 3.1 miles and you have no reason not to run fast. That’s pressure. And I felt it. (How long can I use the “recovering from an injury” excuse??)

Believe it or not, it warmed up to a 29 degrees balmy degrees when I left the house (better than the teens we have been having in the am but not the warm March temps we had last year.)

I was dragging my feet (a late night playing mah jongg, 3 days in a row running, flourless week due to Passover – pick one or more of these reasons) but perked up when I arrived at the race. I tried not to overdress (but it is hard when you are cold at the start & afterwards). I wore capris over a skirt (yes it is spring) and 2 long sleeved tech shirts, a baseball cap & light gloves.

By the time I got there, it was in the 3o’s and the sun was shining (so it felt even warmer.)


I picked up my race packet and went back to my car (since I was chilly.)

rowers getting ready

rowers getting ready

I went back out about 15 minutes before the start & bumped into someone I know from yoga.  We chatted and then the race started.

I tried to focus on the scenery…the river…the rowers and not worry about my pace.  I hardly glanced at my Garmin (just a few times & was pleasantly surprised.)

There was a water stop at mile 1 but I continued on and then at mile 2.

Believe it or not, I forced myself to just run. I did not walk at all … I didn’t even worry about the foot or ankle.

Shockingly I crossed the finish line at 28:47!!!

post injury 5k PR

post injury 5k PR

I was happy happy happy.

I walked back to my car to put away my gloves, phone, race belt, etc.


It was too nice to leave so I ran a mile more out  (slowly this time.) and one mile back.


I even bumped into some runners that I knew doing their long run. (Why couldn’t the weather be like this for my long ones?)


Elisa, Bridget & Felice (The Happy Runner)

Definitely a runner’s high!  Not a PR but an encouraging race.


mile 1: 8:54
mile 2: 9:12
mile 3: 9:08
.19:       8:17

Finished 149 out 377 (4 out 14 in AG) – only gave out prizes for Overall 1st, 2nd, 3rd.

swag - bag, shirt, etc.

swag – bag, shirt, etc.

Happy Running! Did you race this weekend?


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