What I am Loving Right Now

I’ve read this on some blogs and I am bored while proctoring at the bar exam so ….

Here is my list in no particular order:

  • YA Novels


I started with the Twilight series because the girl that I mentor loved them.  After that, I read the Hunger Games trilogy which I enjoyed a lot.  Then I was recommended Divergent and Insurgent (the 3rd will be out soon) by Veronica Roth.  If you like this kind of reading, you must read Delirium and Pandemonium (Requiem is coming out in March) by Lauren Oliver which I liked even more. Now I’m on to Alli Condie’s series, Matched, Crossed and Reached. As Jimmy Buffet said in a song:  “I’m growing older not up…”

  • Compression Socks
drinking coffee out of my new Moscow mug

these are from procompression.com

I have them in white, black, argyle blue, green, purple, pink  and hot pink.  I’ve worn them during all my half marathons.   I got more while I was injured.  I wore them while recovering and racing. Now I just wear them during my long training runs.  I don’t know if they help physically but psychologically they do.

  • Chocolate Cream of Wheat

I ALWAYS eat hot cereal for breakfast.  It is also my pre-race breakfast.  I use 2 packages, add water and cook in the microwave.  Then I add some milk to cool it.  The chocolate feeds my sweet tooth.  It says  that it includes 9 essential vitamins so it is semi healthy, right?

  • Archer Farms Bottled Lattes

They are basically bottled Frappuccinos with the word “latte” slapped on the label. Regardless of the name, they taste very similar to Starbucks brand Frappuccinos.  You can buy them at Target and they are much cheaper than the Starbucks brand.  I’ve tried many of the flavors – vanilla, pumpkin, mocha, chai, etc. I love them.  And they’re only 100 calories.

  • Watching TV on my iPad


I think I watch TV on it more than I do on a regular TV.  Recently, I have been catching up on episodes of Revenge.   It has been a Godsend for the treadmill at work when I can’t run outdoors- I also watch Smash, Nashville, Grey’s Anatomy, The Good Wife – either at lunch or after work. Now you know what kinds of shows I watch.  Unfortunately the PBS app only has season 3 of Downton Abbey & I haven’t seen seasons 1 & 2 (which everyone is racing about.)

  • Liberte Mediterranee Yogurt

I started eating yogurt for the first time when I spent my junior year abroad in France.  I have been looking ever since (and it’s been a LONG time) for yogurt as good as the kind they make in France.  I finally found it!!  Coconut is my favorite. YUM!! I also like their vanilla.

  • Running Skirts
me feeling short with the Running Skirts ladies

October 2012

Half in Naples, Florida

January 2011

color-coordinated but too warm!!

February 2013

I have quite a few running skirts.  I even wear them over tights when it is cold outside. But the top one (from runningskirts.com) is my favorite by far.  The top one has compression shorts underneath.  It’s a little longer and it has a pocket on each side.  I wore it for almost all my races this past summer and fall.  So I just ordered another that I may wear for my upcoming half marathon.

  • Thomas Bagels


I need my carb fix everyday. I used to be a bagel snob (I am from LI, NY) and never buy supermarket bagels but then I tried Thomas.  They are good.  They are soft and stay fresh for weeks.  My favorites are pumpkin, cranberry, corn, banana bread.  If I can’t find those flavors, I”ll eat honey wheat or cinnamon raisin.  They are so good that I just eat them plain for a mid-morning snack.  In fact, they have replaced my PopTart addiction 🙂

  • Red Wine


I am not a big drinker.  In fact all I need is one mixed drink to get me drunk.  I rarely drink at all when I’m not on vacation or having dinner in a restaurant.  Usually I order Riesling.  I always felt that red wine gave you a headache. Recently, I have acquired a taste for red wine.  I am having one glass of Merlot almost every evening.    The French do it, right?  And they live a long time!!

Happy Running! What are you loving right now?

8 thoughts on “What I am Loving Right Now

  1. I love and watch all the same shows ! You should add The Following to that list

    Downton abbey is a must
    The season 1 is on Netflix
    I watched all 3 seasons in less than 2 weeks….I know very bad. But it is that good
    you can find all the links to all the episodes online also for free
    Google it it will pop on the first page


  2. You’ve talked about those lattes before and got me buying them when I get to a Target. They are good. Did you read The Golden Compass YA series? It’s a trilogy and awesome.


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