Christmas Day 2012

ornament from CafePress

ornament from CafePress

The perfect way to celebrate Christmas is to go for a run and I did!!

I woke up to this:



Snow!! Icy roads!


dressed for the holiday & a run

But I knew I had to run so I drove into town and ran 3 miles through the streets (avoiding the icy patches.)

Then I had to squeeze everything else into the day:

  • exchange gifts with my hubby

He loved his remote-controlled helicopter – played with it all day


and photos from this past summer on the lake, in addition to lots of clothes and the 1st season of Boardwalk Empire

  • visit my mentee and her sons & give them gifts

I gave Amanda my favorite new series – Divergent & Delirium


Richard is already playing with his new Transformer laptop


Baby Matthew also got an educational toy


They also got some new clothes


I just love them!!!

  • visit my mil and stepsons – Lasagna for dinner, what else?
  • go see Les Miserables – I am not a good critique because I love everything Les Miz – I’ve seen the show 12x (brought my students to NYC every year), know every song… so I had to see the movie the day it opened.  I enjoyed it, of course (My hubby – not so much).  The non-singers were better than I expected.  Cosette and Eponine were the best vocally and the others adequate (I’ve heard better on stage.) The stage version was more emotional but that’s maybe because I knew the story so well.  I would derfintely recommend the film.

love Hugh Jackman!


Happy Running!  Merry Christmas!  What did you do special on Christmas Day? What was you favorite gift?


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