A Case of Deja Vu

A chilly morning but the sun is shining.  And it’s Saturday.  Nothing is on my schedule.  Perfect for a long run!  So I get dressed and have breakfast and while reading the paper, I decide that the Nisky bike path would be a good place to go.

Oh wait!  I forgot.  I can’t run!!!

I’m not going to let a sunny day go to waste.  I ask my hubby to put the bike rack on his truck and I make plans to go for a long bike ride.

This was the scenario last spring.

last April at the Nisky bike path

Now this fall, it’s deja vu!!!

My last long run was on the Nisky bike path… on Dec 29.  And now I’m back – injured…not running…but biking!!

6 months later in the same place

A few differences:

In April, the trees were bare because they hadn’t bloomed yet.  Today, many were bare because the  leaves had fallen to the ground.

In April, the broken bones in my left ankle had healed and biking was a way to get mobility back.  It was a way to recover so that I could run.  Today, biking may or may not be good for my ankle since I don’t know if  it is a stress fracture or tendonitis.

In April, I was so happy to be biking because I was able to .  Today, I was biking only because I couldn’t run.

Anyway, it was great to be outdoors.

view of the Mohawk R.

I sweat which is good too.

check out my t-shirt (Sweat Pink)

I love the fall colors so this was another opportunity to take it in.

pumpkin field

I saw some deer and even a fox.

the deer are at the top of the hill, the fox is heading up the hill

My legs were tired.  I needed the exercise.  And my right foot only hurt when I got off the bike on it or started to pedal  with it (I am so used to favoring the left one that I kept forgetting.) and when I walked on it.

another view of the path

I think this injury is making my left foot stronger so maybe in the end when I run again, I won’t be favoring either foot.  And that’s a good thing! (I’m trying to be optimistic!)

Tomorrow I will not be biking but I plan to be watching AJH in a duathlon!  Keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn’t rain.

Happy Running!  Enjoy your weekend!

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