From Russia With Love

Where I left off my last post was that I was happy that I ran those 4.4 miles.  Now I had to get to Bolton Landing with Anna (from Russia).  The reason she came to visit me was to go on a boat not to watch a race 🙂

My hubby was waiting on the boat when we got there.

We headed out to get a picnic site so we could have a barbecue.

her first time barbecuing and she made hotdogs

After lunch, we hiked a bit.

Then we left the site and my hubby taught her how to drive the boat.

she loved it…she didn’t want to stop!

We did stop on one of the islands so she could put her feet in the water.

Then we drove to Roger’s Rock before we headed back to Bolton Landing.

We ended the day with dinner & a view.

Unfortunately, Anna returned to NYC the next morning and me & the hubby headed back up to the lake (where the weather was even better than the day before.)
I’ll leave you with one last photo that she sent me from NYC.

isn’t she the cutest?

Happy Running! Hope you had a nice weekend. Did you do anything special?

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