A Weekend of Running

My running shoes missed me!! Can’t even tell which ankle was broken…

Yes, running!

After my last post of whining about my lack of running, I decided to “Just Do It!”

I ran Three days in a row.

Friday I squeezed in 3 humid  miles …slow ones… In my neighborhood. ..in 37 minutes! (Just ran a 5k in 35 min. – I just need an audience!!)

Saturday, my hubby went up to do work on the boat and I did errands and in between 3 more humid slow miles on the Corning bike trail… in 39 minutes! (getting slower!)

Not as shady as I thought

Then  yesterday on my way up to Lake George, I ran 3 miles on the Nisky (scene of broken ankle)  Bike Trail… in 36 minutes (and negative splits)!!!

I am hotter than I look

Is 3 days in a row too much?

here’s how my feet spent the rest of the day – yes it’s the left one…

Maybe but I am running slow and walking when necessary.

I may go for run number 4 today since I may not have time before the weekend and rain is on the way…

another look at my Sunday afternoon view…I did ice my ankle in the cold lake water

Happy Running! Do you run more often than you should?

5 thoughts on “A Weekend of Running

  1. Glad that you can run more days in a row. Take care, don’t be in hurry you have plenty of time to increase speed and mileage.
    I don’t run anymore more often than I should, I have learned the lesson.
    Beautiful pics.


  2. Great job on running 3 days in a row! I always train at a MUCH slower pace than I race! I think the pre-race adrenaline and all the general excitement makes a huge difference. That bike trail looks like a great place to run!


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