11 Good Things About Being Injured

If you are new to my blog, this was me during my 10 mile training run on Dec 29, 2011:

and then this was me for 2 months after that day (note the surgically repaired raised ankle on the left):

Five months later, I am on the road to recovery (I can walk without limping) and I want to say that it hasn’t been all bad:

  1. Less laundry – no running clothes or tennis clothes or yoga clothes (and sometimes all 3) to wash each day
  2. Fewer bags to carry to work – no running gear bag or tennis gear bag or yoga clothes bag to lug into work
  3. Easier to park your car – my handicap sticker came in handy cuz it’s free to park with it at the beach
  4. More time with friends and family – I now eat dinner with my hubby every evening
  5. Save money – no race fees, no gels to buy, my running shoes are not wearing out
  6. Learn something new – I now know how to knit
  7. Discover other ways to exercise – I walk at lunch and ride my bike on weekends (I never did this before…)
  8. Eat healthier – in order for my ankle to heal faster, I started taking vitamins, eating more fruits & veggies- I didn’t have to carb load so although I haven’t run in 5 mos, I haven’t really gained weight
  9. Get more sleep – no getting up early to run before work or to race on Sat, no coming home wired from tennis & staying up too late
  10. Teaches patience – I am NOT a patient person…I do things right away and I want instant results so I guess this was a test (I may have still failed, though)
  11. Find out who  your friends really are – I am truly blessed…I have received many cards, gifts, meals, loads of support, etc.

See I can write a positive post…more on my first attempts at running to come!!

Happy Running! If you have been injured, can you add anything to the list?

5 thoughts on “11 Good Things About Being Injured

  1. I can agree on the laundry! I am always amazed at how a large percentage of my wash is workout clothes. But that never seems to make me stop buying new cute workout clothes either! I am glad you are staying positive and staying active. You will be back running and racing soon.

    I also had a foot problem last summer which made it painful to run or walk. I wasn’t able to play golf as well since I couldn’t walk even 9 holes without pain. I started working on things that I always said “someday I’ll get to this!”. I started really working on my photography more and picked up 2 old quilting projects that had long since been stuffed in the closet. Sometimes I think I have too many hobbies now!


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