TTT + 1 – 6 weeks down…

1. Still trying to get out of the house from time to time:

  • Fri. Mah Jongg
  • car ride to Saratoga Lake
  • Super Bowl Party
  • grocery shopping in a handicapped cart
  • 1/2 day at the office on Tues. and a 1 hr meeting yesterday

2. I am still working from home. Booorrrrrrrrring!

3. Knitting update –  The scarf is done! I plan to start on socks.

4. Has anyone watched Smash?  I dvred it…just wondering?

Happy Running!  Are you enjoying this warm winter?  Still time to enter my Giveaway!!

4 thoughts on “TTT + 1 – 6 weeks down…

    • I am not a stay at home person. I have even resorted to cooking dinner every nite. I am jealous of this winter…perfect for running!!!!!! No snow please…doesn’t work well with crutches 😦


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