Monday Motivation

FleetFeet Gift Card

Look what I got from a wonderful bunch of ladies!!

Strong Running Mamas

Fleet Feet’s No Boundaries program is how I started running. And it is an awesome place to buy running clothes, shoes, etc.

So I NEED to run again to use this gift card!!  Isn’t that good motivation? 

One more thing:

Madonna rocked at age 53!

Happy Running! Did you enjoy the game yesterday?

5 thoughts on “Monday Motivation

  1. I thought it was an excellent game myself. It wasn’t a blow-out by either side, and it literally went right down to the wire.

    I have to say that on the commercial front, I think I liked the one where the dog bribed the guy with Doritos to forget what he saw (evidence of a buried cat) the best. It was a bit on the dark side, but funny.

    Have a wonderful day !


  2. Watched…err listened to the first half while chopping up veggies for the week. My partner said the one commercial where it’s the end of the world and the Chevey trucks come up and meet, and the one guy says to the others, “Want a tweenkie?”
    Anyway I think it is great you got a gift card! Woo Hoo! I love getting gift cards! And I live for new running clothes!
    Over half my closet is full of running shirts.
    Got in 14 miles on Sunday. It was another sunny day and I knew Monday would be a short 3 mile day.
    Make it great!


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