One Week Anniversary

the "splint" (not mine but it looks the same)

Yes, it’s been a LONG week since I clumsily slipped avoiding the ice while running. 

Here’s a short summary:

fall…pain…ambulance…pain…ER…xrays..2 broken bones in ankle…put bones back in place…xray..try again…xray…wrap…pain meds…night 1 in hospital…anesthesia…surgery…plate…2 pins…splint…pain meds… scratched cornea…night 2 in hospital…pain meds…xray…go home with crutches…leg elevated & iced for TWO WEEKS…helpless/helpful hubby…nauscea …friends bringing food…UTI…off pain meds…constipation… 2 nites sleeping on the couch downstairs…dragging myself up 13 stairs to sleep in a bed…insomnia…dragging myself down 13 stairs to spend the whole day in a recliner…books…Internet…boredom…depression.

Yup, that about sums it up. I am enjoying 2012 so far.

Enough of the sarcasm.  I am trying to focus on the positive.  Here goes nothing:

  • getting a lot of sympathy
  • seeing friends I never have time for
  • hubby is learning after 13 years where things are located
  • not feeling guilty about not cleaning or cooking
  • no stress from my job
  • can go to bed whenever I want and sleep til whenever I want
  • don’t have to go outside in the cold (It is cold here!)
  • don’t have to worry about what to wear
  • don’t have to worry about how I look
  • saving money on gas – not going anywhere
  • getting refunds on yoga, tennis, New Year’s Eve – $$$
  • saving money by not signing up for any races
  • expensive running shoes will last longer when not using them

Not bad!  Makes you want to break your ankle, right?

I was going to try and list the sucky things but they are obvious: immobile, sick, dependent, pain, the unknown, lack of exercise, boredom, depression and many many many more.

I am determined to feel like the picture above!! It may take 6 months…a year…2 years…but I WILL HEAL!!

Happy Running!  I am your cheerleader as I heal!

9 thoughts on “One Week Anniversary

  1. I know you will Darlene…this is just the beginning of your EPIC comeback. The part of the movie when everyone in the theater is thinking that there is no way the hero can come back from this…time to through in the towel.

    But you know better.

    We’re all rooting for you.

    Heal well and enjoy being in this moment. Revel in the good parts of it. Because all too soon, you’ll be hitting the courts (tennis), studios (yoga), and streets making your comeback, and that too will be challenging (not to mention returning to work).


  2. I’m glad you are looking at the positives. Hang in there and soon you’ll be moving around and then you can get into cross training. Take one day at a time!


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