A Litle Good News Before the Bad…

As you know I was loving my time off… Monday and Tuesday were perfect.

Wednesday was a rest day meaning no running but lots of things to do…errands, grocery shopping, laundry, nails…

The evening was spent with my tennis friends at our annual holiday party.

Lots of eating & drinking…entertainment…Chinese gift exchange:

hanging out


our piano virtuousos


the mat no one wanted



Yes, I got to keep the knitted socks 🙂


My friends are super.  We don’t play tennis together much but we always have fun when we are together.

Thursday, it was COLD but sunny. I had planned a long run for the weekend but I didn’t want to do it Saturday and ruin our New Year’s Eve dancing and we were would be staying over in Lake George after so Sunday could be problematic.

I decided on a mid-week long run and I planned to do 10 miles – my longest run since the Half on Nov 6.

I headed to the NIsky Bike Trail.

I ran 1 mile west  and then 1 mile back to get a Gu and put on a hat.

Then I ran 4 miles east.  It was a picture perfect day. Just a little breezy and cold.

I turned around and headed back to my car to finish my 10 mile run.

One last photo:

Then it happened…

Happy Running! Stay tuned…


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