The Aftermath & Plans for the Future

the end of the Adirondack Half Marathon

 Looking back, here were my possible plans for this race:

A. Run the whole damn thing (and hope I don’t make my heel injury worse).
B. Walk the whole thing (under 5 hours, of course so I can get a medal).
C. Run until I get tired and then walk.
D. Walk one mile, run one mile, etc.
E. Walk up the hills, run down the hills.
F. Pretend that it’s a training run for Half Marathon #4 instead of a race.
G. Play it by ear. Do whatever feels right.
H. Have lots of fun and take lots of photos.

I didn’t do A or B or D or F.  I got caught up in the excitement and ran most of the the first 7 miles.  After mile 8, I was done and walked up the hills and would have run down the hills if I had the chance. It makes sense since my longest training run was 8 miles.  I had fun and did take photos. So I did C, E, G, & H.

Here were my goals:

  • Have fun.
  • Run a lot of it.
  • Walk when necessary.
  • Finish under 5 hours (but really I want to finish under 4 hours or maybe even in 3 hours)


In 6 weeks, I have another Half Marathon.

I hope to continue training and get in better running shape.  If I don’t have to walk the last few miles, my time will improve.  I have no idea if this course is flat or hilly…so who knows.  But I know I will have fun since I will be in LA and staying with an old friend.

After that, I will do a few 5ks and look for another Half Marathon for the spring.  Yes, I said “Another Half.”

I think I prefer to train in the winter when there’s nothing else to do on weekends and it is not so hot & humid.  There are also not many 5ks races to enter.  I also want to run in a  flat half marathon.

After that, I hope to run many 5ks in the summer as I did before except for the 10 miler in Lake George and maybe a 10k or 15k at some point.

Then who knows…

Happy Running! Anyone know of a FLAT half marathon in the spring in the NE?



3 thoughts on “The Aftermath & Plans for the Future

  1. There is a flat half here in April. This year it was really cold but most of it is on the bike path which is very flat. But there is a killer hill near the end, I cannot lie!
    Glad you had fun and met all your goals.
    And yes you did tell me so.


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