Update on Half Marathon #3

If you remember, I was REALLY REALLY looking forward to this half marathon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My training was to have begun on July 4.  It did not.  I was injured. 😦

I feel like I am starting all over… and this half is in less than 6 weeks!!!!!!

So now what?

For Half Marathon #3 on Schroon Lake, I plan to:

  • Enjoy the weekend at my friend’s house on Schroon River.
  • Go to my 1st Expo.
  • Meet up with running friends.
  • Encourage & be happy for my running friends.
  • Take lots of pics (so I’ll be prepared for next year).
  • Run/Walk (walk a lot esp the hills) the 13.1 miles.
  • Not run it and get re-injured!
  • Cross the finish line running & smiling (without looking at the clock).
  • Get my finisher medal (so finish under 5 hrs).
  • Have fun… and not be depressed or disappointed!!

Any advice for entering a race that you haven’t trained for? 

Has anyone ever walked a race?

How do I be patient and walk when everyone else is running?

Does this count as a Half Marathon for me?

Happy Running!

8 thoughts on “Update on Half Marathon #3

  1. It absolutely counts if you walk it. You are doing the miles. You will be patient because you will know it will help you in the long run. I am so glad you will still be there! Yes, take lots of pictures, go to the Expo. Do we need to sign up ahead for the pasta dinner? I have not done that.


  2. It most definitely counts!! Enjoy it. Look at the scenery. Make sure to take pictures. Most importantly, do not push because you want to be ready to run HM#4.


  3. It most certainly counts as a half marathon! Prevention Magazine sponsored walking teams in marathons and halfs for several years – I really miss them. I’ve had runners from some of the big marathons in awe over the walkers: “I didn’t think anybody could stay on their feet for that long!” They are really an enjoyable way to do distances. Enjoy!


  4. 1. Ignore the time. Leave Garmin at home
    2 no
    3 remember why you are not running it and that your body is not prepared for it, there will be other walkers for sure
    4 I say yes


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