Injury Update and Lake George Weekend

One minute I was planning my next races and the next, I was wondering when or if I can run again. 

A DMer suggested taking 3 days off to see if the injury was serious.

So though it was HARD, I did NOT run for 3 days!!! I did not play tennis.

I have taken 3 days off before but that was because of weather or scheduling. It’s different when you are unable to run because of injury.  You never know when it is safe to run again and how much to run the 1st time back. 

Saturday was a beautiful day on the lake.  We got a day site on West Dollar Is and 5 of our friends joined us.  We ate and drank and relaxed.  The “guys” jumped off the cliff to go swimming.

my "chair"


our picnic site

our friends arriving
This morning it was perfect for a run at Lake George. Originally it was going to be a 9 mile run to prepare for the Adirondack 10 miler (with AJH) next Sunday. But then again my injury forced me to skip my 8 mi run last Sunday.
So I nervously headed out for a run. My heel still hurt but it didn’t hurt worse. The pain was on my mind every step but it was bearable so I just took it slow and enjoyed the scenery.

at the Sagamore

view of Lake George

I ran about 5 miles and spent the rest of the day on our boat and at the picnic site.  I even got some reading time in my orange chair (I am currently reading The Help)  More friends stopped by during the afternoon. I was sad to see the weekend come to an end!

So my heel isn’t better but it isn’t worse.  It never hurts except when I run and the pain is bearable.  Sooooooo what do I do?

I think I will take it slow.  I’ll cut back on my runs (and races) for a while and if the pain gets worse, see a dr & maybe stop running for a longer period.

I want to stay in shape but not jeopardize my training for my next half marathon.

So sorry AJH!  Not a good idea to run a hilly 10 miler next weekend 😦  (This race is on my list for next year!!)

Happy Running!

3 thoughts on “Injury Update and Lake George Weekend

  1. I am so sorry to hear about your foot!!! It is smart of you to take it easy though. It is much easier to nurse a little pain than a really big one! If it continues to bother you, you should get it checked out. Sending healing thoughts your way!


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