CDPHP Workforce Team Challenge Race Report

Finally my job has decided to enter this race.  There are many staff members and professors who run but it was not easy to get a team together.  First the coordinator left for a new job and then many had childcare issues and others just didn’t care to participate. In the end, we had 10 who committed to run.

Even I was hesitant being on vacation for 8 days prior to the race.  Would I be prepared?  Would I be tired?  Who cares…It should be fun, right? I had no goals for a PR.

The race is 3.5 miler and the course is similar to the Freihofers and Susan Komen but 1/2 mile longer.

There were 8,654 runners and 449 participating companies/organizations in the 2010 race!!  And even more this year!!

As I mentioned, I just got back from vacation late last night and I didn’t read my email during those 8 days. I brought all my race stuff to work because there would be no time to go home before the race. I thought we were wearing our Komen Team shirts which were the school colors, maroon & gray. Of course, I matched all my accessories to it.

When I got to work and read my email, I discovered that they ordered race t-shirts and there were white with lime green writing on them.  They were very see through also.  My black sports bra was not going to work nor my maroon & gray accessories.

So I rushed home during lunch & changed my shorts, socks, hat and added a tank top under my shirt.

The prediction originally was for thunderstorms.  But it seemed that the rain would hold off – it was near 70 degrees and very HUMID!!

The race was to start at 6:25 pm. My boss & I left our cars at work and started to walk to the start of the race around 5:15 pm. Halfway there, I realized that I forgot my knee braces and ran back to get them  (Psychologically I still need them.)

Holy cow!  I’ve never seen so many runners in one place!!! Over 9000 – CDPHP, the sponsor had a team of over 200 runners themselves.

I still arrived early and met our team captain who gave out our numbers.  There were no timing chips – too many people. unfortunately no one brought a camera so we could not take a team photo.

The announcers kept trying to get the runners to the start so I finally squeezed myself in somewhere toward the front (so I thought). As I was waiting, I was getting really sleepy – I  definitely prefer morning races!!

photo from TU

Finally the horn sounded and the race started although no one was moving.  It took me about 1/3 mile to get going.  The whole race was crowded but I just kept moving and increasing my pace steadily.

photo by DM Cyndi

Some more pics –

I loved that the race ended with a downhill but I had no aspirations for a PR so I was pleased with my negative splits:

mile 1 – 10:36
mile 2 – 9:47
mile 3 – 9:34
.50  – 8:27

Garmin time – 33:41

I gave my time to our team captain who wrote it down and then went to collect my t-shirt and bag of goodies.  It was very well organized considering the number of runners.

I walked back to my car and took a photo:

sweaty & tired

It was perfect timing – my friends had gone to see Bridemaids (which I had seen during my vacation) and I met them afterwards for a well-deserved dessert.

Happy Running! Happy to be home & racing!

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