New Visions 5K

It was a beautiful morning for a run –  I got there early since I thought the race started at 10am and it actually started at 10:30 am. It was pretty cool.  I wore a tank top but couldn’t bear to take off my jacket til right before the start.  One man was even wearing gloves.

The turn out was small so I was running by myself all of the race through the neighborhood.  I was glad I wore what I wore since I warmed up quickly.  The course was confusing.  There were times I was not sure I was going the right way and the roads weren’t closed to traffic so there were cars backing out of driveways and going down the streets.

I slowed my pace after the last race where I ran out of gas at the end.  I looked at my iPod after one mile and it was over 10 minutes – not good for a PR.  I quickened my pace and ran the whole race without walking.  It was the first race I’ve run where I didn’t feel tired.  When I came close enough to see the finish line, it said 30 minutes. I was mad!  I sprinted as fast as I could to finish under 31 minutes and fortunately I did .

After the race, I felt that I could still have run another few miles.  This was encouraging after the way I felt during the week when I run.

I still have to find a good pace.  Fast enough in the first mile but not too fast so I can finish strong.

Next race I signed up for is Sunday at the Crossings – I’m also thinking of Friday night – the Arsenal City 5k.  We’ll see how the week goes and how the weather is.

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