TOTR: Favorite Winter Running Gear

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Today’s topic is: Favorite Winter Running Gear

Related image

Sometimes I feel like the photo above.

But as they say:

Image result for no cold weather just the correct clothes

So these items are what gets me through the winter:

  • Wool socksSmartWool are my favorites. If I wear capris, I wear the SmartWool compression sleeves to stay warm.
  • Warm Hat and gloves  – any brand will do – I often wear Under Armour.


  • Light Jacket with layers – I hate to get over heated. I’m a fan of Target running clothes (C9 brand).


  • Running skirt with tights – the tights keep me warm enough and the skirt adds an extra layer – Skirt Sports is my preferred brand.


  • YakTrax if it is very snowy.  They keep you from slipping and sliding.

Happy Running! And you?  What is your favorite winter running gear? Please share…


15 thoughts on “TOTR: Favorite Winter Running Gear

  1. You are definitely never all bundled up. Whereas I, in the winter, feel like I should tack on a sign on my butt saying “objects appear larger in the winter”, LOL. I almost never regret being bundled up in winter, though.


  2. I like a vest, along with a long-sleeved top, for most of my colder runs. The body part that bothers me the most with being cold are my hands, though – I will wear two pairs of gloves to help with that. But like you, I hate to get overheated while I run, so I’d rather start out a little cold because I know I’ll warm up.


  3. I hate the cold. I also hate getting super bundled up to run outside. Good thing I live where it doesn’t ever get colder than the 30s, so winter running isn’t all that bad for me. 🙂


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