Thinking Out Loud Thursday: Why Blog?

Thursdays are for thinking… so I am linking up with Running With Spoons

And here’s what I was thinking on Tuesday…

I was looking at my blog links and realized that so many of the blogs that I used to read when I started running are extinct … meaning, these runners don’t blog anymore.

Is it that they don’t run anymore?

Or is it that they have run out of things to say?

When I first started, you had to be creative and pick a topic.


I often did Two for Tuesday, Wordless Wednesday, Three Things Thursday or even Foto Friday. And I always recapped my races.


Now linking to other blogs is cool such as Tuesdays on the Run, Wednesday Word, Thinking Out Loud ThursdaysFriday Five, Saturday Coffee Clubs, etc. etc.

So I have switched and link most of my posts to linkups.


It’s easier than deciding what to write about myself. And you get to connect with other runners who are writing about the same thing.  It also attracts readers to my blog.

That’s another thing.

I’ve been blogging since 2008 and I still have less than 200 followers.

I’m ok with that because I work full-time and I don’t have the time to comment on everyone’s blog and push mine out to other readers.

The real reason I blog is personal.

  • To motivate myself to run
  • To track my progress toward my goals
  • To review my races to help plan each year’s schedule.
  • To inspire others to run

There are so many excellent running blogs that it could be a full-time job reading them all.  I read a select few while I eat breakfast. But even if I had more time, shouldn’t I be doing something else? Like exercising? Running? It’s another sedentary activity.

Like now.

I am writing this post.  I could be at the gym or running on the treadmill (It’s raining.)

But I’m not.

Instead I’m thinking about if I should continue this blog. And why?

These are all things that I enjoy.

So I guess, I will…

for now.

But I’ll end this post here because I am going to get on that treadmill at work and maybe stop at the gym after too. (Tennis for today is cancelled due to the rain.)

Happy Running!  Why do you blog?  Do you ever think about quitting?


23 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thursday: Why Blog?

  1. I still have less than 20 followers 200 posts later lol I started blogging to recap my memories from races, to talk about how hard and fun running was, and hoped someone who had been lacking confidence would just try. I hated that I didn’t start until 46. I really believed I couldn’t do it. I think about stopping all the time now. I at least only work one job now, I use to work part time, but I still struggle to find time read and post.


  2. It’s hard to blog and work full time. Blogging can be a full time job even when it brings in no money. And yes, it’s very sedentary. I’m in awe of the few who actually blog while moving in some way.

    I blog because I like connecting with others. Because I like to write, even though I don’t consider myself a good writer (not fishing for compliments there, either, I know good writing when I read it). But there’s always been something in me pushing me to journal & why not share that journal with others? I do hope I can inspire others as well. And to show the slower runners that we’re still runners & a mile is the same length for everyone. 🙂

    We actually did run at the track on Tuesday. And we didn’t get rained on. Although the football team was out there, too. And there was a lot of back & forth, because I could have gotten on the treadmill and been done with it (because we think it’s fixed).


    • I think you are a good writer. I enjoy reading your blog.

      I didn’t play tennis because it rained all day and the courts were too wet. It wasn’t raining after work and I considered running outside but it looked like it could start at any moment so I opted for the treadmill.


            • We started out playing at Siena but the courts are lousy so we switched. I”ll be there on Tues (unless it rains). Maybe we can run together on Thurs.


              • Nope, I have to shift everything next week because we’re going down to Poughkeepsie next weekend. I have to do my long run Friday, so I won’t be running Thursday.

                I’ve actually got to figure out what to do with the rest of my runs next week, but I do know I need to get my long run in on Friday.


  3. I like blogging because I like connecting with other people who share my interests, but it’s hard to make time for it on top of a full time job, friends, family, and other interests. I sometimes wonder if I want to/should keep up with it, but I guess as long as it doesn’t feel like a burden, I’ll keep doing it.


  4. Those are all reasons why I blog as well, and even though it does take up a lot of my time (I have a full-time and part-time job), I truly enjoy doing it an connecting with other bloggers. As soon as it’s no longer fun for me I will stop doing it, but for now I really enjoy it 🙂


  5. I look at my blog as kind of a public journal…I share my journey with like minded people. I like to read what other runners are doing, and I hope to inspire others as I have been. I also like the interaction with other bloggers. It’s fun to meet them in real life too!


  6. When I first started blogging (less than a year ago), I did it with the intent to keep myself accountable for my training…which I think many of us do. It has helped for that a lot, but I have had to remind myself too, that blogging is not my full time job. And it is hard to keep up with it sometimes because of that. So, I’m starting to get into the link ups because I can’t always come up with something new to write about, and guess what, life gets in the way, so I just don’t always have time. But, I still enjoy it when I do and I love reading others blogs/connecting with other runners.


  7. Oh Darlene I love this and an very much relate to it! I have not been blogging as long but I link up a lot and sometimes wonder how often I post without linking up. I blog too more for personal reasons to keep up with what I’m doing but to inspire others to join me in this crazy addiction! I guess you get out of it what you put in, I try and read others and comment often and linking up helps me do that. I enjoy reading your blog and connecting with you!


  8. I don’t have many followers either – I don’t have the time to network! I’ve noticed a number of blogs close up shop over the years, and if it is a blog I like, makes me a little sad.

    I blog mostly to keep track of what I’ve done – especially with running. I’m not in it to make money or replace my job.


  9. i also started blogging totally for myself and to hold myself accountable to writing, which is my first love, and it does wonders for me to have that be my focus. the networking part is so great, too, and i love connecting with other writes & runners — and reconnecting with people, like YOU!


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