Thinking Out Loud Thursday

This Thursday is for thinking… so I am linking up with Running With Spoons

And most recently I have been thinking about “what kind of runner I am

When I was chatting on Saturday with runners around my age who run marathons, even qualify for Boston and think that an 8 minute pace is not that fast, I wondered whether I was serious enough.  Could I be faster?  Should I train more?  Should I try to run 26.2 miles? They invited me to join them on a long run the next day.  Run the day after a race?  I don’t do that.  I don’t run the day before a race. Give up my weekends in the summer to train for a long race? I won’t do that.

But I PRed at age 61 and I was happy.


the not so fast, not so driven but happy runner

Then Monday at the first Freihofer’s Training Group run, I was chatting again with women around my age who haven’t raced since the Turkey Trot in November and haven’t run much all winter because it was cold. In training runs, they run faster than me and were shocked when I beat them all at the Troy Turkey Trot.  They were amazed that I ran all winter and how many races I ran and that I even ran a half marathon.


This was the complete 5 pm group… I was part of the Advanced group – they gave us free water bottles

I’m the bored looking one at the left (pink shirt hanging out my black jacket)

I felt like a “rock star” and when after 20 minutes, they wanted to quit running, I made them run 10 more minutes.


When it was over, I felt like running more but didn’t say so.  Nobody wants to labelled an “overachiever.”  Of course, on the way home, I decided that I may run a few miles next Monday before the training and if the weather is nice, run more after.  Who cares what they think.  I AM a serious runner.


Thumbs up to me…another PR and I am fast for me!

So what is serious for one runner may not be not serious for another.  We all have different goals.

I am not putting down anyone who obsesses about drills, farleks, strides, intervals, hill repeats and laments about not PRing at every race.

Nor am I criticizing any runner who runs just several times a year and whose race goal to just to finish.

Just thinking out loud.

I have to remember this…

Happy Running! What are you thinking about today?


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