What I Am Loving (Wednesday)

I haven’t done this since February so I thought I’d do it again.

Well, they stopped selling my Chocolate Cream of Wheat and only one store still sells my Liberte Mediterranee yogurt 😦

Here are some new ones:



I HATE peanut butter (Well, I’ve never eaten it) but this was in my race goodie bag at the Sarasota Half Marathon.  It took me awhile to try it but it’s great.  It has:

  • All-natural ingredients
  • No artifical color or preservatives
  • 0 grams trans fat per serving and 0 cholesterol
  • Non-GMO ingredients
  • No Nuts

It’s basically crushed biscoff cookies, butter, cinnamon, brown sugar. Probably has loads of calories so I just spread a little on a bagel for  a pre- or post run snack.



p bagels

Ok, pop tarts are not real food but sometimes I just need something sweet and I don’t have time to bake. And Thomas bagels?? Well, someone from Long Island knows that these are not real bagels but they stay fresh for a long time (yeah, lots of chemicals) and they give me that daily carb fix. (I even eat them plain they are so soft and chewy.)



I holds more than my other one (a black Spi Belt).  I need something to hold my car key and my phone (It has a big & a small pouch). It doesn’t move around when I run.  It also holds your race bib.  I hate to put safety pins through my clothes and can never pin it straight anyway.




Not non-fiction running books but fiction ones that has a runner in it as part of the plot. I post more titles another Wednesday.



I hate fake nails but I want my nails to look good and not keep breaking.  Hence GEL.  I get a French manicure. That way, I get let them go for over a month before anyone notices. Caution, once you start (like hair dye), you won’t be able to go back to normal nails & polish.

What are you loving right now? Blog about 5 things that you are loving right now. Comment here with the link to your post!

Happy Running! Ever try any of my above favorites?

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