Week 1 & My Anniversary

Yes, half marathon training has begun and 2 snowstorms have happened as well.

  • Sun – 4 miles
  • Tues – 3 miles
  • Thurs – 3 miles
  • Today, Sat – 5 miles

But I successfully ran every other day… 11 weeks to go!!

Last night was my annual tennis party…it was fun but I over ate again!!


several entertained us by playing the piano


one of our friends moved to Florida so we skyped with her


lots of appetizers and desserts!!


we had a Chinese gift exchange which is always fun

This morning I slept in and barely made it through my run before the snowstorm.  I had planned to go the Nisky bike trail (the scene of the accident) but decided to stay local due to the impending snowfall.

I went to the same neighborhood but ran in a different direction.  I didn’t wear my Yak Trax but stayed in the road looking for dry turf and watching for black ice.

And I succeeded but after 3 miles my stomach started growling.  I haven’t done a long run in a year so I need to remember to drink water and bring some Gu.


4.5 miles done and off for some nourishment

I went back to my car and got some money and headed off to the coffee shop.


this did the trick!

But I left the coffee shop to this:




glad I only had .5 mile to run/slide.

and today is my ONE YEAR Anniversary…a year ago today, I fell during a 10 mile run.  I slipped on the ice and broke my ankle in several places & had surgery.  I didn’t run for 5 months.

I wasn’t sure I would get through it but I did.

Yes many people said to give up running.  I knew that I would not.

I am running again.  I may never get the speed back but I am running again!!

To celebrate, I ran today and I even wore almost the same outfit.

Happy Running! Have you ever had a run-threatening injury?


2 thoughts on “Week 1 & My Anniversary

  1. OMG I have no reason not to run after seeing all that snow! I haven’t run in snow since I lived in Utah in 1984! Glad you are back running after such an injusry…I have only had skinned knees from tripping- nothing big.

    Happy New YEar!


  2. So happy for you – it’s not easy, physically or mentally, to come back from an injury like that, but you sure have, and with gusto!


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