Race Break

Here is my recent racing schedule:

  • 9-1-12 – 5 for fiVe
  • 9-8-12 – MBPK 5k
  • 9-15-12 – Chase Leukemia Away 4.4
  • 9-22-12 – Helper’s Fund  5K
  • 9-29-12 – NO RACE
  • 10-06-12 – Susan Komen Race for the Cure (5K)
  • 10-13-12 – Nic&Ty 5K or Tom’s 10K or maybe UAlbany Alumni 5K
  • 10-20-12 – RW 5K (in Bethlehem, PA)

So after 4 weeks straight, I am taking a week off from racing!

Some people may think I race too much but I  love it. Besides, my training runs are done alone & they are not very good.  So this works for me.  It motivates me to improve.

My racing schedule will slow down once the weather gets colder and I need to do long runs.

Instead of a race this weekend, I plan to go back to Schroon River – this time for playing Mah Jongg (with maybe a little tennis mixed in).  Without a race on Saturday, I can do a long run on Friday or Sunday or both 🙂

I leave you with 2 photos from yesterday.  I convinced my hubby to go hiking (followed by buying apples, pumpkins & mums at a nearby orchard).

on the Indian Ladder Trail at Thatcher State Park


the waterfall on the trail

Happy Running!  Do you sign up for a lot of races?

4 thoughts on “Race Break

  1. You are amazing! My goal was to do a race a month, I’ve done 13 so far this year (so I’ve done more on some months). I have one scheduled for October and December, waiting on my work schedule to pick a turkey trot for November.


  2. If you enjoy them who cares how many races you do! You just must be so happy that you are back at it not even a year after your injury! Beautiful pictures btw. Looks like a nice weekend!


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