21 Things About Me

I haven’t been tagged but I have read quite a few of these so here goes nothing:

  1. I am a coffee snob… I make a latte every morning…I won’t drink instant or bad coffee.  Starbucks is my fav coffee shop.
  2. I am a cat person.  I have five.  I do love dogs but they are too much work.
  3. I hate to swim because I don’t like to get my hair wet.  I have unmanageable frizzy hair.
  4. I don’t change jobs often.  I’m on my third job & I had the first for 22 years.
  5. I hardly ever cook.  Fortunately I don’t have to now that the kids are out of house. I am lucky that my hubby doesn’t mind fending  for himself.
  6. When I do cook, I go all out.  I search out gourmet recipes online & make new complicated dishes.
  7. I love photography.  I am never without my camera.
  8. I am not very athletic.  In fact I am pretty uncoordinated.
  9. I started playing tennis in my 40’s and my tennis team came in 3rd in the nation in the 2002 championships in Palm Springs.
  10. I tried learning golf several years ago and I was really bad at it so I gave it up.
  11. My favorite board game is Scrabble.  My friends & I play it at the beach on vacations.
  12. I am hardly ever home.  I work during the day & in the evening I either play tennis, run, yoga class, shop, go to a movie or play mah jongg. (Thank God for Tivo.)
  13. I am a closet teenager.  I love the Twilight Saga, Hunger Games and have even watched 90210, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, Everwood on TV.
  14. I usually run by myself because I have to squeeze it in when I can and I run so slow that it would annoy serious runners.
  15. I am very competitive.  This is why I run better in a race.  So I sign up for a lot of races. (Yeah, like 20 a year!)
  16. I am obsessive about matching my clothes.  I mean colors, brands, everything.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s work, dress up, tennis, running…
  17. I hate to clean but I hate when things aren’t tidy.  So I have a cleaning lady.  I wish I could afford her to come more often. (And I don’t want my cleaning lady to think I’m messy so I straighten up for the cleaning lady!)
  18. I have a great memory but only for numbers.  Yes, I know all my credit card numbers by heart.
  19. I love desserts.  I always look at the dessert menu first to make sure I have room.  I have even just had desserts for a meal.
  20. I love to travel.  I visited France, Italy, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Spain, Austria (while in college) and since then France, Holland, Greece, Israel, Russia.  I would love to go to Alaska, the Orient, and on an African safari.
  21. I love being near the water.  It could be the ocean, river, lake… I don’t care. I find it so relaxing.

That was fun.

Happy Running! If you haven’t been tagged, just  do it. I love  getting to know more you.

8 thoughts on “21 Things About Me

  1. So many things I could comment about. We had a party that was just desserts once. Everyone brought something. GREAT leftovers.
    If you love scrabble why aren’t we playing words with friends together?

    Did you watch The OC? Party with 5? Those are both good too.


  2. Great post to read. I am a closet teenager too 🙂 I love these books and shows too.

    Now you got me curious: where in Holland have you been and did you like my little country?


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