My Half Marathon Nerves

I am running in my 5th Half Marathon this weekend and I am VERY NERVOUS.  Here’s why:

1st Half in Naples, Florida

My 1st Half was 1-16-11 (my wedding anniversary).  My longest race to that point was a 5k.  I trained well.  I was healthy.  I was so excited.  My hubby was waiting at the finish line.  My goal was to cross standing up and finish under 2:45 so I could get a medal. I DID in 2:28.

My 2nd Half in Lake George, NY

My 2nd Half was 4-23-11. Now I had already run a half marathon so I knew that I could. I trained well & was healthy.  My goal was to run faster but not too much since I knew that it was a hilly course. It was freezing and raining hard the whole 13.1 miles (& I didn’t wear my Garmin) so I was shocked that I was faster (2:22) and won an award for 2nd in my AG.


My 3rd Half in Schroon Lake, NY


My 3rd Half was 9-25-11.  Unfortunately I got hurt in June and did not run most of the summer.  My goal was no goal – Just finish it in under 5 hours and not re-injure my Achilles. The course was tough but I was able to run the lst half & then I walked most of the 2nd half to finish in 2:44.

my 4th Half Marathon in Rhinebeck, NY

My 4th Half was 10-23-11.  I signed up for it on a whim and planned to use it as a week 10 of 12 training run. It was scenic and a race was just the motivation I needed for a good last long run.  Unfortunately, I was not prepared physically for the HILLS and although I ran a very good first half of the race, I walked a lot during the last few hills and finished around 2:31.  At least I was faster than my 3rd half and I did not get injured by not pushing myself on the hills.

The Santa Clarita Half this weekend is my 5th Half.  I am running with my best friend’s sister (who runs marathons.)  Of course, I want to do well.  My nagging achilles has prevented me from training well.  My running has been very cautious for fear of re-injury.  The speed has not been there and the long runs have been mixed with walking.  These half marathons have been getting harder  NOT easier!!

Hopefully I will do OK. Maybe it’ll be flat…

I’m nervous!

Happy Running!  Heading to LA!

8 thoughts on “My Half Marathon Nerves

  1. First: congrats on an awesome training month in October.

    If I were in your shoes, I would take a step back after this half marathon and first fully let my injury heel before getting back in full running mode. But those are just my 2 cents.

    Good luck this weekend!


  2. It’s funny, I wrote something so similar today, all filled with my own self-doubt. And then I came and read your post and was filled with confidence for you! It’s easy to be tough on ourselves and freak out and worry — and that’s why there will always be another race around the corner for another shot at glory. But I think you’re going to be amazing. GOOD LUCK!


    • Thanks for your vote of confidence! Yes, there will always be another race cuz that’s what we do. After reading your post, I felt that you are going to PR in Vegas!!!


  3. I found you through Ali on the Run and I have to mention that I ran the Fall Foliage Half Marathon too! It was my first half marathon and wow were those hills challenging! I think that the hills were what caused my overuse injury and slight tendonitis in my right ankle, but I am back at it now.

    Don’t worry about anything during your race and you will probably be amazed at what will happen! Good luck 🙂


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