The Best Laid Plans…

Plan #1:  Run a Half Marathon in April and then cut back on mileage and work on speed until July. Start training in July for a Half Marathon in Sept.  Run another in LA in November.

I ran the Lake George Half in April and then reduced my miles.  I ran several successful 5ks – several under 28 minutes!! Life was good. Then on June 12…pain in the heel!

Plan #2: Stop working on speed and running 5Ks until pain goes away.

I rested and then ran slowly and did not run any races…pain persisted so I went to the doctor. X-rays revealed no fracture or bone spur.  MRI showed inflammation & swelling where the heel bone meets the Achilles tendon. PT & rest prescribed.

Plan #3: Stop running all together and go to physical therapy until you are allowed to run again. No 5k races or training for Half in September.

I did not run or  play tennis for 4 weeks.  I went to PT 2x a week.  Did all the stretches, took anti-inflammatory drugs and iced several times a day. Gained 8 lbs.

Plan#4: Start running again. Build up the miles slowly.  Continue to stretch & ice.  Run some 5k races. Walk/run Half Marathon in September but run the November Half.

I continued PT until insurance stopped paying.  I started running at a slow pace with a lot of walking.  I went back to the doctor to order orthotics.  The pain still persists. 

Plan #5: Continue running and building up the mileage.  No 5 or 10K races (except the Half in September) until after the Half in November.

I considered stopping running (for a minute.) But it will be hard enough not to race.  If I enter a race, I know I will try to run fast, not stop, not stretch.  Running on my own, there will be no pressure.  So if it hurts, I can stop.  Maybe the orthotics will help.  Maybe the pain will disappear!!

Plan #6: TBA

4 days old!

Happy Running! Stay safe (if you are hit by Irene)!

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