Am I injured?

I tried to run last night before yoga & the BACK & sides of my heel HURT!!! I walked a lot and then went to yoga – NO PAIN when I walked, no pain when I stretched!? When I got home, I iced my heel and took ibuprofen.

This is how it started.  I ran a 5k on Sat – no pain that I remember.

It was sore when I ran on Sunday so I ran slow and cut my long run from 8 to 4 miles.  I played tennis all afternoon – NO PAIN!

I did NOT run on Monday but played tennis Monday nite – NO PAIN!

I ran a slow 3 miles Tues am.  Heel was the same – SORE.  I played tennis after work – Again NO PAIN.

Now as I sit at the desk, of course, my heel feels fine!

What’s wrong with my heel?

I should see a doctor but who has time for that.

What should I do?

  • Stop running all together
  • Stretch
  • Ice it
  • Take ibuprofen

Well, at least for today, I will do the above.  For the books, I’m not a good patient and don’t follow advice well. 

 I trained for my first half when my foot hurt and ignored it.  I bought new shoes and ran the half in them.  I did the same for my 2nd half. However, this pain is scarier… it feels more serious…

Training for my 3rd half starts July 4.  I hope the pain is gone by then!!!

Happy Running?  Do you ignore injuries?

8 thoughts on “Am I injured?

  1. I’ve had that pain before while doing training. It came on around mile 16 of an 18-miler. Achilles tendonitis. I let it rest a couple days and got new shoes. Ice. Stretching is very risky for an achilles injury, so I’m told. I let mine just sit. Can you go swimming instead to get your cardio in?


    • Maybe – I don’t think it’s PF cuz the pain’s not on the bottom. Unfortunately I don’t like to swim (or have anywhere to swim.) How long do I let it sit????


  2. I was out for 1 week when I was training for my half marathon in the winter. I didn’t run for a week and iced it and heated it.
    Turns out that I was wearing the wrong type of sneaker. I changed to a more neutral running shoe and it hasn’t hurt since!


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