Bulu Box Review

I have heard of subscription boxes but have never tried one so I was excited to try out Bulu Box! 

What is Bulu Box?

Bulu Box is a subscription box that aims to help you discover health, nutrition, and weight loss products that are right for you! They offer two different styles of boxes – the original Bulu Box, which focuses on vitamins and supplements for general health and the occasional lifestyle item, and Bulu Box Weight Loss, which contains weight loss items such as vitamins, supplements, fitness gear, and healthy eating tools.

Bulu Box subscribers pay just $10 / month for their monthly box of goodies, or $110 for a year-long subscription. Their rewards system seems to be set up in that each month you are able to earn points for reviewing your items. The website says you can earn 50-100 points each month. For each 100 points earned, you get $10 to spend towards your favorite full-sized Bulu Box products.

This is what came in my box:

Here’s a closer look at each item I received. 

These gummies are packed with all essential vitamins, and are bursting with the delicious, juicy flavors of cherry, orange and lemon. These gummies are not only great tasting; they are also safe for all vegetarian diets. The unique formula is a blend of vitamins, minerals and fruit and vegetable concentrates.

I don’t take any vitamins but I probably should and these taste good.

This cherry-flavored powder is a fast, on-the-go solution to your upset stomach and can be taken without water! Every UrgentRX pouch is credit card sized so you can take it with you anywhere.

I am glad I haven’t needed this yet but it’s in my pocketbook and I think it’s a great idea.

Movit Energy Gummies are specially formulated by athletes- with the goal of creating an energy gummies that isn’t just packed full of sugar. These energy gummies are made with real nutria-science to fuel your body.

I love the idea of an energy product that isn’t just sugar.  These taste good and I love the happy face on each one.

Each piece of candy has a blast of 15g of protein to go along with juicy taste. This NEWLY FORUMLATED candy is now extra soft and more delicious than ever with a new look and new flavors! Funnbar is a gluten-free, sugar-free, and guilt-free candy.

These are great.  Protein and good taste and they have NO sugar.  WooHoo!

Ovega-3 is a vegetarian supplement that contains all the same benefits of fish oil, without actually using any fish! Ovega-3 derives DHA, EPA, and omega 3 fatty acids from the original source, algae.

Again, this is probably very good for me.  I personally don’t take any supplements.  If you do, who can argue with one that supports your brain, eyes, and heart.

Nuvia Café combines the delicious flavor of coffee with a combination of powerhouse ingredients to support healthy energy and immune health. African Mango Seed extract is rich in B vitamins and other nutrients that help lower cholesterol and boost energy naturally. Green Tea with ECGC is loaded with polyphenols and antioxidants to increase energy and combat stress at the cellular level. Nuvia Café also contains Ganoderma extract to support the immune system and promote cardiovascular health.

I gave up caffeine and drink herbal tea so I haven’t tried it but if you drink coffee, this is a healthy version of your morning drink.

I also received a voucher for $100 worth of Naked Wines.  But it can only be used off a case costing $160 or more.  I like wine but not that much.

I definitely like the idea of getting samples so that you could try different products without having to spend the money on the full size.

If you are interested in trying Bulu Box, use the discount code SWEATPINK for 50% off a 3-month subscription to BuluBox. That’s only $15.

Happy Running! Have you used subscriptions like this?  have you tried Bulu Box?


4 thoughts on “Bulu Box Review

  1. Nice review, but like you, I don’t take supplements except a multivitamin and Glucosamine. I like what I use now and would not be willing to try anything new. I also feel strongly that some items, while labeled healthy, have things you really do not want to put in your body. Good healthy eating really should take care of all your nutritional needs.


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