Coldest Run Ever and Chinese New Year

Well, yesterday really tested me.

I was dressed in appropriate layers. Except that a face mask might have helped.

It was 16 degrees. I have run in colder.

I decided to go on my usual local long run – from my house to the coffee shop in town and then back again.

I figured if I was too cold, I could stop halfway and thaw out.

The way out wasn’t too bad.


This was the only part with a sidewalk that I could run on.  The rest of the way I had to run in the road, dodging cars.

Finally I arrived at my halfway point.  My face was frozen so I decided to stop.


If those cars didn’t hit the pole, they would have ended up in the coffee shop.

I got a glass of water and bought a granola bar and sat down to warm up.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay long. I needed to get back home to cook for the party I was going to later.

Well, while I was in the coffee shop, the wind picked up and the whole way back I was running into the wind.


The wind was also gusting up to 40 mph. There were times that I could not move forward.  The snow was blowing in my face.  I had to walk backwards at times to move.

My eyes were burning (my contacts were freezing.) I can’t tell you how many times, I debated calling my hubby to have him come get me.

In the end, I made it home…alive!!


After a  LONG hot shower, I felt better and was very happy to have gotten my long run done.  (It started snowing a little while after I got home.)

But this is how I felt…

I’ve been into making quiches lately so I made a broccoli/cheddar and a spinach/swiss for the party that we were going to.

The party was great.  We were invited by Julia (who is Chinese) and her husband John.

here they are on our boat last summer

I re-connected with a few ladies that I used to play on a tennis team with.

here last May we are in Sarasota meeting them for lunch

It was great catching up.  As you know, I don’t play USTA tennis anymore and I don’t get to see them.

And we got to eat a lot of different foods —all good. (Glad I ran those miles earlier in the day.)

weather 2-22-15

Today, of course. It is sunny….no wind….and much WARMER temps.  It figures.

But the deep freeze returns tomorrow. My next outdoor run is scheduled for Thursday.

Happy Running! How are you coping with the cold?



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