My Beautiful Ankle

A friend posted this on my FB status:

When the Japanese mend broken objects, they aggrandize the damage by filling the cracks with gold. They believe when something is damaged and has more history, it becomes more beautiful. Looking forward to seeing your beautiful ankle!

Week 2 Update:

I have gotten gifts, cards and lots of visitors. Everyday a different friend has brought me over lunch. I feel “special.”

I even learned to knit.  I finished several e-books and Catching Fire.  My favorite activity is still reading blogs and playing Scrabble on my iPad.

I went to the doctor for my Post-Op visit.  They took off my splint and removed all the staples. I took photos just so I can see the progress as it heals.  I was shocked at how long the incision was on the left side (fibula) and how swollen the right side was (malleolus).

They took x-rays and the doctors said it looked good.   He made no promises but said that they did the best they could.  I asked lots of questions and got no definitive answer except that it will be painful and swollen for 9-12 months. YIKES!!!!

(Epic comeback to running may have to wait until 2013!)

He put on a brace instead of a cast.  So I can take it off to shower.  Some good news, at least.

I have to keep it elevated or it will swell.  I cannot put any weight on it.  Next appt is Feb 13.  More x-rays and then…. Who knows?  If it is healing, I may be able to start putting weight on it.

So I’m off from work for the next 4 weeks or so. I can go on Disability but I hate sitting home.  My hubby & I are trying to figure how I can work…possibly having him drive me to & from work and me sitting at my desk in a wheelchair with my leg elevated.

We’ll see…

Happy Running! Good luck this Sunday to my friend Mary running 13.1 in LA and Rebecca in Naples! 

5 thoughts on “My Beautiful Ankle

  1. That is one long time for it to be painful. I think I would like being lazy but I’m sure it gets old.
    There was a tragedy near here to someone we know – a young kid (19) who broke his leg while hiking and ended up freezing to death. I was telling my husband about you on what I think was a bike path and how fortunate that someone came along. This kid may have had a cell phone but been out of range.
    Take care.


  2. the 13.1 in LA changed the course and promises to be cool (no rain) and very scenic.

    nice to know you are healing — no matter how slowly. as SCARLETT would say, tomorrow will be another day!


  3. Holy Darlene that’s a long time before you will be painfree again. It would totally drive me nuts too.

    I like having time off from work but only if I choose to be. I can totally understand you are finding a way to go back to work, I would do the same.


  4. Hey, I haven’t been reading your blog long, just found it actually, but I just wanted to let you know not to get your self down that you can’t run (or walk) right now. I broke my ankle in July was on crutches for 10 weeks! It hurt so badly that I couldn’t run anymore. But now that I’m getting back into running it’s a great great feeling and I know when you get back into running you will feel the same! Heal well!


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