Off to Play Tennis…


This may be the last weekend of intense tennis. I leave for Syracuse, NY after work today.  We have 2 matches on Friday, 2 matches on Saturday and 1 on Sunday.  There are 13 of us and 8 play each match.  We have to win all our matches and the other players will be YOUNGER!!! I mean between 18 and 30 years old and everyone on my team is between 55 and 65 years young. 

group photo at 2.5 Nationals in 2002 (3 of 9 will be playing again in Syracuse.)


me 8 years ago


Anyway, win or lose, I know we will play our best and have a good time

Here we are on our tennis vacation (6 of 9 are playing in Syracuse.)


I ran 3 miles before work on Tuesday and I won’t be running again until next week.  I’m not even bringing my running shoes. 

Happy Running everyone else and Good luck on any weekend racing or training!

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