Weekly Run Down for 10.19.20-10.25.20: Foliage Running and Hiking Continue

Fewer daylight hours every day but still enjoying my hiking opportunities. Oh and my runs too.

The weather and colors have been amazing this fall. The only bright side of 2020.

Last Week –

  • Monday – I thought about taking a rest day. Especially after a half marathon and a tough hike over the weekend but looking at my schedule, it seemed like I may not have time for a run all week.  My legs were feeling surprisingly fresh so I decided on an easy 5k. I drove to the rail trail but veered off in search of a NEW local park (with trails).

my last of 8 virtual 5ks and so excited to locate the new local trails.

I was glad to have gotten that run in since it was raining when I got done with work.  I still decided to check out that new park.

a little muddy…plan to explore it even more on another drier day.

  • Tuesday – A very windy morning with rain on the way so I got in a quick morning walk with hopes of a run and/or walk after work.

lots of color (even with the dreary skies) and Halloween decorations

I went out for a second walk and it still wasn’t raining so I decided on a spur of the moment short run.

not planned so overdressed and no hat…would have run longer if I were prepared to run

I had to go into work in the afternoon and decided to keep on my running clothes (in hopes that no one would see me there) and I could finish my run nearby.

run done at Ualbany…yes those are Christmas balls on that tree

It was predicted to rain and again my STEM volunteer walk assignment was cancelled. So I headed to the Pine Hollow Arboretum to get in a few more steps and to check the damage from our recent storm.

many big trees down and still in awe of the foliage colors this fall

  • Wednesday – My third day in a row of running but rest days were definitely scheduled for Thursday and Friday. Not enough time to go anywhere but the neighborhood.

these blow up decorations seem to be big this year

After work, my running group’s trail walk was scheduled. It seems that our group is getting smaller but still glad to have the company and get it done before darkness.  For that reason, I chose the Pine Bush Discovery Center trails.

still able to get the whole trail in before sunset…only a few more weeks left

  • Thursday – A planned day off from work so I could go hiking with a friend.  Luckily I have had fantastic weather for all my hikes.  Today was the same. My friend chose the Beacon Fire Tower for our hike.  It was quite a difficult one and a long one (6 hours!!). There were 5 of us and we got almost lost several times and met quite a few interesting people. So fun!!

many overlooks with pretty views, the ruins of a casino, a fire tower, waterfalls…

Believe it or not, when I got home I felt energized and not tired so I met my BFF for a few hours of chatting and walking around an outdoor mall.

  • Friday – A rest day and busy work day with just a few walks.

tired of the neighborhood so headed to the hilly part of the water line

After work, I took my usual walk with former co-workers. It was longer than usual and then we hung out and snacked and chatted for hours…no dinner and late bed time. Oh well.

  • SaturdayLong Run Saturday w/the Sole Sisters.  I had a real in-person race on my schedule in 3 weeks so I needed to run 11 miles.  We had originally planned to run the Great Pumpkin Challenge 5k or 10k course, do the Sound Walk in Saratoga State Park and then have brunch. But it seemed to be too complicated especially with a fall event scheduled in town.  So we switched to the Zim Smith Bike Path. I got there early and ran 2 miles solo, then 5.5 miles with Heidi and then 3.5 again solo while Judy, Jan, Chris and Jen did their own thing.  We all gathered for brunch. The weather was crazy. Warm and humid at first and then very cold and windy by the time we finished. Our outdoor brunch days may have ended 😦

sorry about the blurry pic

I wanted to stop on my way home to vote but the lines were crazy long.

Instead I did laundry, cooked and binge watched this:

Emily In Paris Season 2: Everything You Should Know!!

watched all 10 episodes – LOVED it!!!!!!!!! (it’s by the creator of SITC which I was obsessed with, as well)

  • Sunday – I usually plan a hike for Sunday but my college friends wanted to ZOOM and it was scheduled for the morning.

I got up early to get on line to vote.  It was 35 degrees but I dressed warmly and listened to a few podcasts. I got done just in time and was super happy to have gotten it done early.

The ZOOM  was fun. It is always a treat chatting with them.

friends since our junior year of college in Nice, France (one more joined later too)

After the ZOOM, I had decided on a trip to two preserves (Strawberry Fields and Mosher Marsh) that were not too difficult and too far to do after work.

Neither one was very interesting due to the fact that they were flat loops and almost all the leaves had fallen from the trees.  But it was peaceful being alone in the woods and good exercise.

the best part was the road leading to the preserve was lined with signs with the words of John Lennon’s song, Imagine

This Coming Week – 

  • Monday –  run
  • Tuesday – run, STEM walk
  • Wednesday –  rest day
  • Thursday –  run, trail walk
  • Friday – rest day, walk with friends
  • Saturday – Halloween Long Run (12 miles)
  • Sunday –  rest day, hiking

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Happy Running! How is your running going? How are you embracing Fall? Have you watched Emily in Paris? Have you voted yet? Please share.

Weekly Run Down for 10.12.20-10.18.20: Hiking and Racing Virtually – That’s my life

With no races to be had, I seem to be continuing with the virtuals though I would not call it “racing.” I ran a 5k and then another half marathon this past week.

I also feel grateful that the colors this Fall have been amazing and the weather has allowed me to experience them.  I try to get to as many trails as possible.  I think I may have done SEVEN this past week.

Last Week –

  • Monday – A Holiday so a day off from work.  I thought the weather would prevent me from hiking but it did not. I had to change from a Catskill-based fire tower hike to one in the Adirondacks.  And I did it ALONE. It is definitely more fun with someone else but I met so many friendly hikers and I was able to go at my own pace. I can’t wait to do another.

the view from the top of the Spruce Mountain fire tower was breathtaking.

I felt so energized after my climb that I wanted to do another hike.  I passed Saratoga State Park and decided to stop.  I hadn’t been there in ages.  I forgot how much I love this park. Lots of pretty trails and I finally figured out the 5 mile perimeter trail.  The best part was that my hike coincided with a Sound Walk.  When you passed certain locations (if you downloaded the app), you could listen to different music.

such a pretty park. I need to go back…so many beautiful places…so little time

  • Tuesday – We finally got that rain.  Morning walk cancelled and it looked doubtful for the rest of the day.

Finally it stopped by the time I got out of work. I headed to UAlbany to squeeze in a run since although I had hiked, I hadn’t run since Saturday.

the pinwheels were done by students – positive, uplifting messages on each one

When I was done, I rushed to the mall and then back to UAlbany to volunteer with the STEM walkers. Unfortunately the session got cancelled at the last minute so I returned to the mall to finish my shopping.

  • Wednesday – Decided not to run and have a rest day today but took a few walks.

A short one in the ‘hood before work…

finally some sunshine and lots of signs of Halloween

 and a longer one at nearby Van Dyke nature preserve during lunch.

not sure if the colors are more impressive this year or that I am noticing them more

No one was available for our weekly after work trail walk so I was able to pick my own location. I chose Holt Preserve since I hadn’t been there in awhile.  It is getting dark so early so I have to be careful and not choose a long one or one that is far away.

this is one of my favorites – trails, a pond, view of the Helderbergs

I didn’t do all the trails so I had time to visit another preserve before it got dark – Holly Hock Hollow.

I only had time for the creek trail but it was pretty though not as much water as in the spring

  • Thursday – Back at it again for my next to last virtual 5k. Very windy and warm…just not feeling it!

drove to a new neighborhood for variety to complete my 6th virtual 5k…each slower than the previous lol

Then a walk on the trails at local Elm Ave. Park during lunch.

hope you’re not getting tired of my foliage pics because they are motivating me to get out there several times a day…these tall trees blocked the wind too

After work, we went out to a family dinner to celebrate my stepson’s birthday. At least that’s why I though we went to dinner. It turned out that it was to tell us that we’re going to be GRANDPARENTS!!

due May 25. My b-day is May 9 and my hubby’s May 21. So exciting!

Is it too soon to start shopping?

Running Baby One-Piece - Future Runner

  • Friday – I woke to rain…ugh. And it rained all day. At least it was a rest day but still, I like to get outside.

Have umbrella, will travel. I walked in the morning.  It drizzled on and off.

still can find beauty in the rain

It was pouring during lunch but I still took a walk.

I love that these leaves are heart-shaped…quite a challenge to take a pic while holding an umbrella

Luckily I was able to convince my friend to walk in the mall (with masks) after work.

  • SaturdayVirtual Amelia Island Half Marathon. I was debating on whether or not to do it this morning or later in the day or Sunday or even next weekend. The only good thing about virtual races is you have that choice.

It was raining all night but when I woke up, it had stopped so I decided to get it done. I had hoped to have company for many of my miles but I wasn’t sure how many and with whom. Others were arriving later and walking.  My goal was to finish 13.1 and have my treats from Leah’s Cakery as a reward.

So I drove to Zim Smith early and Barbara offered to run with me.  We ran about 2.5 miles and then Heidi arrived.  We ran about 2.5 more miles together and then I ran the rest with Heidi. I run at whatever intervals my friends want.  When alone, I just run and walk when tired.  We started at 5:1, then went to 4:1, then 3:1, 2:1…get the picture. I finally took off and sprinted the last mile.

The weather was perfect.  Wish I was actually running in Amelia Island but running with friends is the next best thing.

  • Sunday – Boating Sunday has officially been changed (our marina is closed) to Hiking Sunday until winter.  Beautiful weather continues…but always decisions to be be made: long or short, flat or mountain, mountain or fire tower, alone or with friends, north or south, near or far???

Well, I missed my boating days so I decided to get views of the lake from above.

First I drove to Pilot’s Knob Preserve.  I hiked up to the view with a new friend. Then continued on my own the rest of the way to the waterfall.  Not a difficult hike but hilly and long!!  Still worth it for the views of the lake.

Not done yet.  Next stop was Prospect Mountain. Yes I could  have hiked up the 5 miles to the top but instead I drove up stopping at all the overlooks and then finally hiking to the summit.

Up North, a lot of leaves had already fallen so it was probably past peak but still a beautiful Fall day…very grateful!

This Coming Week – 

  • Monday –  run or short hike
  • Tuesday – run, STEM walk
  • Wednesday –  run, trail walk
  • Thursday – DAY OFF – rest day, long hike, mall walk with BFF
  • Friday – rest day, walk with friends
  • Saturday – Long Run (11 miles)
  • Sunday –  rest day, college ZOOM, short hike

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Weekly Run Down for 10.1.20-10.11.20: RnR (Race-Cation and Recovery)

I actually posted about Friday-Sunday before I left for vacation so it was guesstimate on what would happen and I was pretty accurate. lol.  But I decided to start this Run Down that Friday to give you the real story.

My vacation was amazing. I knew I enjoyed the company of my running friends but staying in the same house is a different story. This was our 4th race-cation together but usually there is a real race and we stay in a hotel. So much more relaxed without a “real” race and we got along fantastically. But “What Happens in NH, stays in NH” so I can’t give you all the details but there was a lot of laughter and we social distanced to the best of our ability…

Monday I was still in NH and Tuesday, I took the day off to recuperate from my vacation and go hiking with a good friend.

So only a Three Day Work Week! Woo Hoo!!

Wednesday, however, we had a HUGE storm and wound up losing our power… I had to actually to go work in my office to use the Internet.

Just a reminder that there’s still plenty of time to sign up if you want to join me on the Run for Ruth challenge – Click here.

I have another Virtual Half Marathon (ZOOMA Amelia Island) in a few weeks and a sorta real local one on Nov. 15. So I need to keep up that running.

The Week Before –

  • Friday – Travel Day and a rainy one. We took several cars and decided on a scenic route through Mass. The foliage was gorgeous in spite of the clouds.  We stopped for lunch in the cutest place ever with the best food (a restored farm from 1700’s)

Hilltop Cafe in Wilton, MA

We arrived at our AirBnB in Hampton Beach, NH late afternoon.  We were pleasantly surprised at how beautiful it was. The internet pix did not do it justice.  After getting settled in, we drove our race route for the next day to determine where our turn around and water stops would be and then we went out for a dusk walk on the beach.

of course, we had to do a jumping pic…and yes there was drinking and eating to be done

We ordered in pizza for dinner to carb load for our race the next day and went to bed earlyish.

  • Saturday – Race Day.  Not exactly since there was NO race and the original one was scheduled for Sunday.  But the weather was perfect so we decided to get our Virtual 13.1 done.

I got up early and went to the beach to catch the sunrise and go for a pre-race walk with Jan.

even more impressive than the pix.

I had mapped out our own race route.  6.5 miles along the ocean and then turn around and re-trace the same route.  We would start at the official start which was about 2 miles from our house.  Two from group had decided to walk the course so they left first and then the rest of the group (4) started our “race.”  One runner was not going to run but be our sherpa. We had pre-decided stops for her to drive to so we could get water and snacks.  All of the beach bathrooms were open.  The runners stayed together the whole race. Best finish line (toilet paper) ever.

and that water was COLD!!! Ice bath for the feet.

After our race, we were starved so we quickly refueled with lunch at an outdoor restaurant with an ocean view (I had a lobster roll!!) We spent the rest of the day relaxing, recovering. We did go out to dinner to celebrate at the Smuttynose Brewery (the sponsor of the “real” race) before returning home for a birthday celebration (3 b-days – a 50, 61 and 70).  In addition to the race, the BIG birthdays were the actual reason for the weekend away.

  • Sunday – Recovery morning again started with sunrise viewing on the beach followed by a walk with Jan and Chris.

yes, that’s a porno photo shoot in the top pic

Today we decided to road trip to Maine.  We walked around Ogunquit and along the Marginal Way before we had lunch (outdoor ocean view) there.

since we had not gotten race shirts, we bought matching Hampton Beach shirts

Next we drove to Wells to do a scenic hike.

at Wells Reserve at Laudholm

Finally we ended the day in York to see the Nubble Lighthouse and have ice cream.

no, not too cold for ice cream!

We opted for dinner at home instead of going to a restaurant.  Lots of snacks and alcohol left to consume.

Last Week –

  • Monday – Last day of our vacation.  Got up early with Deb and Jan to see the sunrise but it was clouded over. We came home, I had breakfast and then went for a run with Heidi.

so sad to leave my ocean views!!

We packed up our stuff and headed home. We all met up on the way for lunch in Mass (golf course outdoor restaurant with scenic views of the mountains.) Then Deidre and I ended the day with a trip to a knitting store and ice cream shop.

perfect end to a perfect trip

  • Tuesday – I took the day off from work in case I was tired.  But really, I just wanted to go hiking if the weather cooperated.  And it did. My friend chose a hike in the Catskill Mountains. She neglected to tell me she chose a “challenging one.”  And it really was.  I survived (but broke both of my NEW hiking poles. lol).  The views made it worth it.  It’s always a win-win when you emerge unhurt and want to do another.

hiking to top of Blackhead Mountain – 1,745 ft elevation gain

It took ALL day and when I got home, I forgot that it was Tuesday and I was supposed to volunteer in the STEM group walking program . Oops.

  • Wednesday – Back at work and another beautiful fall day. Luckily I decided to sneak out at lunch for a run.

yes, these legs were weary but I’m glad I dragged them through the miles…

As soon as I finished work, a surprise storm arrived and it was like Kansas in the Wizard of Oz.  We and everyone else had no power so I decided to explore a new local nature preserve.

a nice 1 mile loop that recently opened.

Still no power so I met my BFF for a walk around an outdoor mall.

  • Thursday – I woke up to no power. I took a walk to survey the damage in the neighborhood.

our house was spared. my neighbors were not as lucky.

We do have a generator but that does not give us TV or Internet.  That meant I had to go into my office to work. Not too exciting. But after work, I headed off to Tawasentha Park for our running group’s weekly trail walk. Running out of daylight so this may be our last or next to last one.

Yes, it was chilly out.  I didn’t dress for it so instead of our usual post walk ice cream, we headed to Panera’s for HOT soup.

And the power finally returned!!

  • Friday – Started the day with a short chilly but sunny run. I was back to working from home.

I remembered that I had not done my virtual 5k this week

Then the power went off AGAIN.

So I went for a walk.

still some interesting flowers in bloom

Luckily the hubby came home and hooked up the generator.  But we lost power for about 1 1/2 hours.

Normally I’d be taking a LONG walk and having snacks with my former co-workers after work but some friends organized a ZOOM memorial for our friend who died recently from cancer. So it was a rushed walk so I get home.

  • SaturdayLong Run Day.  Yes, our big race was over but I had signed up for a virtual half and then a real one. So I had to keep up my miles. We met on the rail trail. I decided to run 4 miles solo and then run more miles with the others. I stopped briefly to chat with Barbara and the the others took off walking. I had to practically sprint for 2 miles to catch up to them.  I ran 3 miles and then ran back (with some stops along the way.)  It was my my first long run without intervals and running alone since May. Quite an adjustment!!

a little chilly at first but it warmed up nicely

It wouldn’t be a long run unless we gathered for brunch after.  My hubby had been planning our last boating outing but the forecast was for wind and rain up North so he went to play tennis and I did stuff around the house (catching up from being away last weekend)

And I got to see Cari for a few minutes.  She stopped by that evening on her way to Utica.

windy hair lol but so glad to connect after 8 months

  • Sunday – Boating Sunday may now turn into Hiking Sunday. An early morning drive up to the Adirondacks. This time instead of climbing a mountain, we hiked down to some ponds (Cascade and Stephens).  The scenery was awesome.  Fall is the best time of year for hiking.

almost 10 miles of hiking but mostly flat and I crossed a stream by walking across a log (pretty scary for me)

This Coming Week – 

  • Monday –  Holiday – DAY OFF – hike or run or both
  • Tuesday – rest day, STEM walk
  • Wednesday –  run, trail walk
  • Thursday –  run, dinner out for stepson’s B-Day
  • Friday – rest day, walk with friends
  • Saturday – Virtual ZOOMA Amelia Island Half Marathon
  • Sunday –  rest day, hiking

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Happy Running! How is your running going? Any “real” races yet?  How are you embracing Fall? Any experiences with power outages? Please share.

Weekly Run Down for 9.28.20-10.4.20: Virtual Race-Cation

Many many months ago, way before this pandemic, my running friends and I planned a vacation in NH in order to run a half marathon and have some girl friend fun time.

Oct. 4. 2020

Well, the race went virtual like most races in 2020 (with no deferral or refund option).

Some of the group felt uncomfortable going. But at least seven of us decided to go anyway. And it was a super fun time.

In addition to ANOTHER virtual half marathon, I signed up for ANOTHER challenge. RBG! How could you not do this one?

There’s still plenty of time to sign up if you want to join me – Click here.

87 miles run or walked between Sept 20 and Nov 3. I am already DONE but will continue recording my miles and support the cause.

It’s October, don’t forget to support this important cause:

Breast Cancer Support Awareness October Wear Pink Poster

Breast Cancer Support Awareness

and lastly I lost this week, a very dear friend to lung cancer. We played tennis together for years and mah jongg, as well.

just last December – she’s the one at the bottom left

Last Week –

  • Monday – A rainy morning. I wasn’t sure if I would “#missamonday” so I went for a run on the rail trail before my chiro appt. I originally was hoping to see the results of a chalk art contest but the overnight rain washed everything away. 😦

the one I voted for did win 🙂

I started running in a drizzle, then it stopped but the run ended in a downpour.  A little soggy but I got it done.

virtual 5k #5 and they keep getting slower but hey who cares…photo stops are important, right?

SI joint update – almost healed. Yay!!! I asked my chiro to work on my right calf that also seemed tighter than the left. Since this was my last appt, I might as well get my money’s worth.  And OUCH!  Tight on the inside…worth the pain. Feels great now.

I skipped my lunch walk but met a running friend for a post work run.  It was slow intervals and we met on the Voorheesville end of the trail for a change of scenery. Don’t normally run twice in one day but the rest of week looked rainy and busy so why not?

so warm and humid and lots of fallen leaves

  • Tuesday – Got in a short walk before work

yes, roses still blooming…

and another longer one at lunch. Still no rain.

signs of fall in the ‘hood too

Even though I ran twice yesterday, the legs still felt great so since I had to be at UAlbany to volunteer, I did a loop around campus before we met. Rain in the forecast but I didn’t care if I had to walk in the rain…just not run in it.

no rain but lead legs and I HAD to celebrate National Coffee Day!

Well, the STEM walk got cancelled and it never rained so I went to the mall (with mask on) and bought hiking boots (finally)

Amazon.com | Merrell Women's Moab Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot | Hiking Boots

  • Wednesday – A rainy day but we did need the rain. So no morning walk.

Luckily it stopped by afternoon so I could get in a short lunch walk

still some flowering in the fields

AND the Sole Sisters weekly trail walk. This week, it was a repeat hike at Six Mile Waterworks (because of its convenient location.)

beautiful weather for a walk on the trails… I’ll be sad when it is too dark to do this.

  • Thursday – A busy work day and I had a hair appointment scheduled for after work. Obviously a rest day and of course I had to pack for our 4 days in NH.

But I got up early enough to go for a run and I realized how much better I felt after and how much easier it is to run in the morning (even after a horrible night of sleep.)

blue day…oops forgot to wear PINK. signs of Halloween are beginning to appear

I did also squeeze in a short walk at lunch and that was it for the day.

new trail off the water line

  • Friday – And off we went, 7 of us, in a few different cars. We took the scenic route and though it took longer (and some of our planned stops were closed due to the pandemic), it was still worth it.

our home for 4 days

  • Saturday – Though the race was originally scheduled for Sunday, we decided to get it over with and do it today. We stuck together for the most part during our run/walk intervals. Some walked.  Ocean views, lots of laughs and we all finished 13.1 miles.

A big celebration was in order and in addition to running, this weekend was about birthdays. Three of the group were celebrating birthdays including the big 50 and 70!!

  • Sunday – More Sole Sister shenanigans. Ocean sunrises, trails, and more. (Pictures coming after I return since I don’t have a computer with me.)

This Coming Week – 

  • Monday –  run or hike, last day in NH
  • Tuesday –  DAY OFF – hike or run or both
  • Wednesday –  run? 
  • Thursday –  run, trail walk
  • Friday – rest day, walk with friends
  • Saturday – Long Run
  • Sunday –  rest day, Boating (LAST ONE for the season)

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Happy Running! How is your running going? Any “real” races yet?  How are you embracing Fall?  Any virtual races or challenges on your plate? Please share.

Weekly Run Down for 9.21.20-9.27.20: Fall Officially Arrives

Yes, we’ve already some very chilly mornings. In the 30’s. We’ve already used our fireplace in the evenings. I’ve used the heated seats in my car.

I’m not a fan.  I can never dress right and I HATE that my after work runs and hikes will be slowly disappearing.

Of course, by the end of the week, it felt like summer. OY!

Last Week –

  • Monday – I missed #nevermissamonday because I ran on Sunday and am cautiously resting my back. I went for a pre-work walk and froze (remember I don’t know how to dress for 30 degrees anymore).

these flowers don’t realize how cold it is

I went on a lunchtime walk and then I was too warm.

no worries. there still are flowers despite the frost

Instead of a run after work, since my bike was still on my car, I took it for another road trip. This time to the Corning Bike Trail.

nice views of the Hudson but too many cracks on the path so a bumpy ride

My legs are not yet adjusted to biking… needed a nighttime soak


  • Tuesday – I dressed to run before work but never got out. Instead I squeezed in a 5k during lunch.

too lazy to change my clothes and I was overdressed in the sunshine. I’m halfway in this series and each race is slower lol

After work, I took a walk before my STEM volunteering assignment.  Tonight we walked for about 30 min. and the participants were better behaved than last week. I think I’ll continue doing this.

a sign of the times. we used to give the participants shirts

  • Wednesday – Long day at work so I made sure to get in a few short walks in the hood. 50 degrees before work, 70 degrees at lunch Ouch!

mum time

apple picking time

Today I also had my second appointment with my chiropractor. She said my SI joint was not as tight.  One appointment and I hope to be fixed.  She gave me exercises to do for my tight hip flexors.

For our weekly Sole Sisters after work walk today, we returned to Vosburgh Trails. And the weather was perfect for an evening  on the trails and to the waterfalls.

we really liked the tree on the right

  • Thursday – Day off from work and a busy one.

First I went on a hike with some friends. Due to evening plans, we had to choose a shorter hike – Hadley Fire Tower.  It was my first fire tower climb and I was a little nervous. But it wasn’t that hard and I loved it!! Can’t wait to do another.

It took about 2 hours to get to the top but it was totally worth it and the weather was perfect. I was even over-dressed.

My friend finished the Fire Tower Challenge – She hiked 23 of them!!

When we got back, I had to rush to get to my monthly tennis friends gathering.

we ordered take-out and sat in our friend’s backyard – always a good time!

  • Friday – Rest Day Friday. Started the day with a walk.

my favorite neighborhood sign

But not having run for 2 days had me out there for a short one during lunch. I was tired of my neighborhood so I drove to run. Of course, that meant I had less time to run.  Oh well.

found a new entrance to the park’s trails but ran mostly along the road & around an apartment complex

in a hearse…creepy, right?

And of course, ended my day with my weekly walk with former co-workers. Instead of the rail trail where we usually walk, we toured the neighborhood where my friend recently moved.

  • SaturdayLONG RUN DAY. Back on the rail trail. I had thought of running on Sunday but since the hubby decided to play tennis, I decided to meet friends to run. It was our last run because of our virtual half marathon in NH next weekend. I ran early and then met Deirdre, Jan and Debbie for our run/walk interval run while the others walked.  It was painless which made me happy.

After the run, I couldn’t join everyone for brunch. I had to rush home.  Since we were busy on Sunday, the hubby and I decided to go boating on Lake George today. And the weather couldn’t have been better.

lots of sun, water views, reading and relaxing

  • Sunday – Today we were scheduled to celebrate my MIL’s birthday. It was take-out at her house in the afternoon.

with her grandsons (the 2 on the left are my stepsons)

That made me happy since it meant that I had time to hike to another fire tower. I convinced a friend to accompany me hoping that she would enjoy it. I choose the Dickinson Hill Fire Tower since it was the closest and I didn’t have much time. Also it was reported to be less than a 3 mile out and back hike.

we accidentally parked at the end and climbed the tower first – super views and then we walked the trail

So glad I did this.  And I think Molly enjoyed it too.  I see more fire towers in my future.

This Coming Week – 

  • Monday –  run
  • Tuesday –  run, STEM walk
  • Wednesday –  run, trail walk
  • Thursday – rest day, hair appt. pack
  • Friday – rest day, drive to NH
  • Saturday – run/walk, fun stuff in NH
  • Sunday – virtual Smuttynose Half Marathon in NH

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Happy Running! How is your running going? Any “real” races yet?  How are you embracing Fall? Please share.

Weekly Run Down for 9.14.20-9.20.20: My Aching Back and Welcoming Fall

It’s always something. I felt fine after my 13 mile run on Saturday.  I did some gardening and then woke up Sunday with pain and stiffness in my lower back on the right side. (I should mention is that I’ve had this exact pain in the past starting years ago after pulling up a boat anchor.)

man who may experience lower back pain when bending over

So I went for two hikes.  No pain when walking.  Still stiff and painful when I bent over or got up from a seated position.

I woke up Monday morning even more stiff so I googled my symptoms (doesn’t everyone?)

Google Diagnosis: Lower Back Strain: Bending over increases the strain on a person’s back, which can result in pain. Lower back strain is a common cause of back pain when bending over. The position can put significant pressure on the lower back, causing the muscles and ligaments to stretch excessively. A strain in the area can also cause inflammation, which can lead to muscle spasms.
Recommended Treatments: Resting the back for 1–3 days can help reduce muscle pain, as can taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Some over-the-counter (OTC) options include ibuprofen and naproxen. Massage, applying ice and heat, and using electrical muscle stimulation therapies may also help. Physical therapy exercises can strengthen the back and help prevent further injuries
My Treatments: Taking Naproxen (have some from a previous injury), applying ice and spending time in my hot tub, using my trigger gun, walking, running and hiking only if not painful. No virtual races this week!! May even trying some exercises. Oh and I made an appointment with my chiropractor to see if she could work some magic.

❤ ❤ – perfect temps to soak…haven’t used it all summer and just cleaned and re-heated it…must have known something lol

So I have fully embraced Fall for its flowers

love this color asters

and food

haven’t visited the orchards yet to get the real thing…

Why do I say that I don’t like Virtual Races and then sign up for another??

Because I wanted to support the Lake George Conservancy…they maintain all 14 trails in the Lake George area.  I have never done this trail because it is difficult and I would not sign up for a trail race.  Now that’s it’s virtual, I could run its 4.5 miles anywhere.

Oct 2-5, 2020 – oops that’s when I’ll be NH – I guess I’ll either run it there or before I leave.

Last Week –

  • Monday – Sat in the hot tub instead of walking before work . Unfortunately, sitting all day is the worst thing for a sore back. I went for a short walk at lunch just to stretch.

walking felt great… and still finding new flowers blooming

I met a running friend after work at the Corning Bike path.  We just walked (although I was tempted to run).

6 miles followed by grocery shopping

  • Tuesday – I started the day again with a soak in the hot tub instead of a chilly walk … almost frosty out there.

I did a short walk during lunch.

parts of my water line need trimming

Since I hadn’t run since Saturday, I decided to drive to UAlbany and run a few miles.

I did feel discomfort in my back… so I walked often

After my run, I started my weekly STEM volunteering assignment.  I have done this in the past but this year, it will just be walking instead of training for a 5k. (The goal of STEM is: EMPOWERING DOMESTIC ABUSE SURVIVORS THROUGH THE SPORT OF RUNNING… hopefully, it will be back to running in the spring.) This group was made up of young women in a substance abuse treatment facility – they refused to wear masks, were texting and swearing…. I may not go back next week 😦

  • Wednesday – As I mentioned above, I made an appointment with my chiropractor.  I had started seeing her when I had a calf injury and she performed ART and completely cured me. After that, I planned to see her for monthly tune-ups. I think the last time was last November after my marathon… and then came the foot pain and the pandemic.


Her diagnosis was that my body was TOTALLY out of alignment and that I have tight hip flexors due to sitting all day. The pain in my lower back on the right is most likely caused by an inflamed SI joint. She worked on me for quite a while and gave me stretches to do before and after running.

The Importance of The Warm Up. | Altitude Fitness 307


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I go back next Wed to see if there’s any improvement. Fingers crossed that she can work her magic and make me pain-free.

I celebrated commiserated with Starbucks and free pastry in my hot tub.

my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season – yum!

For our weekly Sole Sisters after work trail walk today, I suggested another new place (that I previewed last Sunday.) I walked it cautiously due to my painful SI joint. My back felt felt good…so happy that I went.

after we walked in the Conmunity Gardens, we crossed the road and continued into Tawasentha Park – the lack of blue skies today was due to the smoke from the fires

  • Thursday – woke up to news that a restaurant in front our our marina burned to the ground overnight. Very sad and very scary for us boaters.

No time for a morning walk bur I get one in at lunch…

signs of Fall in the ‘hood

And then after work, I had planned on a run but decided to rest the back …


 and go for a peaceful hike.

the trails at the Pine Hollow Arboretum always make me feel better

Afterward, I drove to meet my BFF for an outdoor mall walk to catch up and chat. Pain is minimal when I walk and the longer I walk, the better I feel (but it may only be mental lol).

  • Friday – Rest Day Friday. I’ve been getting lazy with my pre-work walk but still try to squeeze one during lunch.

And of course, ended my day with my weekly walk on the rail trail with former co-workers.

introduced my friends to the water line trail… followed by a parking lot picnic

  • SaturdayLONG RUN DAY. Today we were back on the Zim Smith Trail with brunch at Leah’s. With no real races on my schedule until maybe February, I just try to connect with friends, run some miles and eat good food. Due to my back pain, it wouldn’t have been smart to run 13 miles again.  In fact, I probably should have skipped it totally.  But I did not.  I decided to run/walk and see how I felt. It ended up only being a 6 mile walk but I was so glad to have the company of three friends who walked as well and of the others afterward (and Leah’s quiche).

a beautiful blue skies day. started out pretty chilly but warmed up nicely

After errands and  housework, still feeling energetic on this beautiful fall day so I went for a hike. I bumped into my chiropractor there and she wanted to know how my back felt running. She was surprised that I was NOT running. (She know me lol)

so lucky to live close to Five Rivers Environmental Center

Then I went to see where my former co-worker (whom I walk with on Fridays) is moving.

it has access to one of my favorite nature preserves – Phillipin Kill

  • Sunday – Since I had not run on Saturday, I met a friend in the morning on the rail trail to test out my back and see how it felt to run.  There was no pressure since I already completed my 13 mile run last week and if it hurt too much, I could cut it short and walk again. Not 100% but seems like I am on the mend.

patience is the word that I am pointing too. It seems that taking time off this week and just walking instead of running helped. not the 12 miles that were on my plan but happy with the relatively pain-free miles.

Normally today would be a day to go boating with the hubby. But the temps are getting fall-like and I have to accept that our swimming days are over. Still, the lake is beautiful in the fall and I hope to continue our boating until the middle of October.

Instead of boating, I took Big Red on its first road trip. I drove to Zim Smith (where I walked on Saturday) and rode 7 (slow) miles.

Both my legs and the bike need a tune-up, I think. But it was pretty enjoyable.

On my way home, I stopped at a new trail, Ushers Road State Forest. It’s actually connected at some point to Zim Smith but I drove to its entrance.

very pretty and will be even more so when the leaves change color

This Coming Week – 

  • Monday –  rest day, bike, hike
  • Tuesday –  run, STEM walk
  • Wednesday – rest day, chiro appt, trail walk at Vosburgh Trails
  • Thursday –  hike, tennis party
  • Friday – rest day, walk with friends
  • Saturday – LONG RUN at Corning Bike Path
  • Sunday – rest day, My MIL’s 96th birthday party

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Happy Running! How is your running going? Any “real” races yet?  How are you embracing Fall? Anyone ever suffer from SI pain? Please share.

Weekly Run Down for 9.7.20-9.13.20: Another Shortened Work Week and some Virtual Races

Love those 4 day work weeks. In this case, it was a Monday holiday so I thought it would be a challenge finding a hike without lots of people. But it was not 🙂

I said that I’m not a fan of virtuals and yet I completed a few this week. LOL

I usually run this as a 5k. Well, for $25, I could run both, get a mask, maybe an AG award and $10 off next year’s race. Plus support local charities. It seemed like a no brainer to sign up.

Last Week –

  • Monday – As I mentioned last week, since I had today off, I decided to sleep on our boat so I could get an early start.

First I had breakfast at the marina (see pic below for my view) and then I went for a run on my usual route.

Next on my plan was a hike.  I got some recommendations and choose Mt Severance which was about 30 minutes away. It had nice views, a big parking lot and though it was straight uphill, the trail was well marked.

At the top, there was a view of Schroon Lake (in the pic of me) and then also a view of Paradox Lake (bottom left)

Since I was nearby to Schroon Lake, I decided to stop and walk around town.  The wind had really picked up.  My hubby made the right call not to go boating today.

the waves on the lake are due to the wind. I had actually signed up to do a half here in a few weeks but of course, it is now virtual.

  • Tuesday – I was planning on a rest day. But this week was quite busy work-wise. I wasn’t able to get out for an early morning walk and I had a ZOOM scheduled for after work so I decided to run my virtual 5k during lunch.

As I mentioned last week, I have been struggling with speed. This week was even worse.  I can give a lot of excuses – tired legs from the day before, no shade, warmer, more humid yada yada.  But I got it done and I have 6 more to go.

lots of rest stops and I was dripping by the end (and I don’t sweat)

I am actually seeing my college friends more often thanks to ZOOM.

we spent our junior year in Nice, France together many many years ago

  • Wednesday – A busy work day and a rest day. I didn’t even get out for a morning or lunch walk so after work I was determined to go hiking. I decided to go visit the trails that was on the plan for the next day. There were several loops you could take but I wanted to get to the end and see French’s Hollow Falls. The trails started out with just grass and then changed to woods around the lake.  I couldn’t figure out how to get to the Falls so I just turned around and took a shorter (yet more challenging) way back.  Then I drove to the Falls.

3 miles on the Vosburgh Trails

  • Thursday – Rain was predicted for today. I had wanted to get in a run but I knew that it might not happen. It rained on and off all morning. And it was POURING at lunch. So NADA.

But it finally stopped raining by the time I ended work. For our weekly Sole Sisters after work trail walk, I suggested a new place, Vosburgh Trails (which I had previewed the day before).

we followed the trail all the way to the Falls and back (3.5 miles)

  • Friday – Rest Day Friday. Normally. But I hadn’t run the past two days.  So I decided to run during lunch since it was cool and breezy (didn’t realize until too late how humid it was).

why not do my virtual race a week early? If you are wondering…my times are getting slower not faster and I know the flower matched my shirt lol

And of course, I ended my day with my weekly walk on the rail trail with former co-workers. We walked 5.66 miles or 9.11K to honor this day!

  • SaturdayLONG RUN DAY. Today we were back on the rail trail with brunch at Emma’s. With no real races on my schedule until maybe February, I just try to connect with friends, run some miles and eat good food each weekend.

The weather was perfect for running. In fact, when I started it was chilly (in the 40s) but it quickly warmed up and I shed my gloves and arm warmers.  I ran 2 quick miles before Deirdre arrived.  Then we ran 10 miles (30:30 intervals) together. Debbie joined us for a few miles (and finally Heidi). Then they decided to add another mile. I could have quit but I figured why not just go for it.

an impromptu half marathon

I ate back all the calories burned at brunch.

I guess I could count this as my virtual race(s) too

  • Sunday – Normally Sunday is my day to go boating with the hubby provided the weather cooperates. I can’t complain because we’ve had some great boating Sundays.

our previous Sunday on Lake George

Today the weather was iffy (and my hubby had a tennis match) so we decided to skip it. I went on a hike instead.  It was great… all alone in the woods but met up with the race director from the virtual race that I did.  He remembered me since I usually run the race (and win my AG). We talked racing, of course.

100 Acre Woods Trails – a new one for me

me & the RD in 2014

I only walked about 2 miles.  Weeding was on the schedule for the afternoon and another hike.

Community Gardens Trails – decided to preview them for this coming week’s group trail walk

This Coming Week – 

  • Monday –  rest day, walk with friends
  • Tuesday –  run, STEM walk
  • Wednesday – rest day, chiro appt, trail walk
  • Thursday – run, walk with BFF
  • Friday – rest day, walk with friends
  • Saturday – LONG RUN 
  • Sunday – rest day, Boating on Lake George

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Happy Running! How is your running going? Any races yet?  Are you looking forward to Fall? Please share.

Weekly Run Down for 8.31.20-9.6.20: Is Fall on its Way?

I get sad when Fall is approaching. It means the end of flowers. The end of boating. The days are getting shorter. Soon my group walks and hikes after work will have to end as well as bike paths to run on. Sigh.

Until then, I plan to enjoy what’s left.

I had a discount code and could do this virtual race series for free so I signed up.  Maybe it’ll get me motivated to fun faster (…or not.)

They give you the routes but since I don’t live in MASS, I could just run anywhere. One 5k each week for 8 weeks starting Aug 31 and ending Oct. 25.

Last Week –

  • Monday – It was actually chilly when I woke up.  Too bad I had declared it a rest day since I had run 12 miles the day before (Grr…Sunday runs mess up my week!)

Instead, I sneaked out for a short bike ride on Big Red in the neighborhood.

my sunflower was very sad this am…I have planted my first fall mums.

At lunch, I headed back to walk in our local park.

had enough time for both loops today

And it was so nice outside so I decided to drag my weary legs out for run. My running friend, Deirdre, suggested walking in Washington Park which wasn’t part of my plan so I parked my car and ran to meet her at Starbucks.  We walked around the park and then I ran back to my car.  Mission accomplished.

1.5 miles before and .5 after + flower views 🙂

  • Tuesday – No time for a walk before work (though it was again beautiful outside).

I did squeeze in a short walk during lunch

I’ve posted this before but they seem to change colors each week

and after work, I thought about a run at UAlbany before I met my BFF for a walk around an outside mall. But then I offered to pick up race swag for a running buddy and realized that Six Mile Waterworks was nearby. So change in running plans.  Glad I did too.  A mixture of road, trails, sand and lots of interesting nature views.  The only downside was that I fell toward the end. (Very dirty and bloody but no serious injuries). It confirmed to me that I should NEVER run a trail race lol.

every now and then I jump…this was before the fall. Love this time of year because of all the monarch butterflies around.

  • Wednesday – I decided on a rest day because I knew I’d be hiking after work.  I had thought I could at least squeeze in a walk during lunch but it poured all morning and continued to rain most of the day 😦

Finally the rain ended by the time I finished work. For our weekly after work trail walk this week, we went back to the trails at the Pine Bush but drove to the Water Tower (purple trail) and did an out and back and then a loop for 3.25 miles.

not the most exciting trail but the exercise and the company were great

  • Thursday – I had to go to work to print stuff and I thought I had time to squeeze in a run first. Remember I signed up for a virtual 5k each week for the next 8 weeks. Unfortunately it would have been too rushed so instead I took a quick walk so I could photograph more flowers.

found one!

That meant that my “virtual” 5k had to happen during my lunch break.  I stopped off at the rail trail on my way home from the office.  It was sunny and very humid and I was hungry but I had no choice but to just “DO IT.”

5K #1 completed with negative splits and a delicious post run Indian lunch.

I have been running with walking intervals with a pace of 13:XX or so. No big deal. Not racing. Just enjoying the outdoors and being with friends. I decided with these 8 5ks that I would try and push the pace.  Not race them but just be uncomfortable.  Not easy when you haven’t run more than 45 seconds without walking.

I did not walk but I stopped to tie my shoes 2x and take pics and catch my breath many times (and I think my Apple watch does auto-pause.)

This 5k made me realize that I have a lot of work to do if I want to return to my former 27:XX 5k times.  Not sure that I care.  However each week, I can work on something different.  This week I decided to just stop when winded rather than walking which of course, would not happen in a “real” race.

  • Friday – Rest Day Friday. No running but some walking…

in the ‘hood before work

I followed this (sightly wounded) butterfly around)…I am monarch obsessed at this time of year

at the preserve at lunch and one last look at the nearby sunflower farm.

they are fading a bit…still pretty

And of course, ended my day with my weekly walk on the rail trail with former co-workers. I convinced them to meet at the Voorheesville end to show them the art work hanging from the trees.

They loved it. And afterward we hung out and had some wine and cheese.  Such a fun evening.

  • SaturdayLONG RUN DAY. This week, we chose the Nisky Bike Path.  As usual, I arrived first to run a few miles with Alyssa and then paired up to run intervals with Deirdre and Jan.  12 miles done!!!

getting ready for our virtual half in NH

Of course, the highlight was our group brunch afterwards. (Cinnamon Swirl pancakes and bacon this week).

  • Sunday – Boating Days are limited. Today was the annual Christmas on Log Bay party.  Surprisingly, it was allowed to take place.

Xmas party on the lake – 2019

The weather was warm and we invited 2 friends on our boat. Such a fun day!!

2020 version

Because I had the next day off  from work, I planned to stay overnight on the boat so I could get up early and run and hike.

This Coming Week – 

  • Monday – DAY OFF, run, hike
  • Tuesday –  rest day, ZOOM with college friends
  • Wednesday –  run 
  • Thursday – run, trail walk
  • Friday – rest day, walk with friends
  • Saturday – LONG RUN 
  • Sunday – rest day, Boating on Lake George

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Happy Running! How is your running going? Any races yet?  Are you looking forward to Fall? Please share.

Weekly Run Down for 8.24.20-8.30.20: Just Another Manic Monday…

My second Monday in a row OFF from work!!!

Manic because I stress about weather and what to do and where to go.  It’s important when you work 5 days a week and have limited days off.  I want to make the most of them.  So far so good.

Two summer Mondays had already been filled with hiking adventures.

Exciting news on the Skirt Sports front this week. As you may know, the company went out of business….

thumbs up for Skirt Sports + ZOOMA

But then it was bought by someone else… the owner of the ZOOMA race series.

 at the ZOOMA Bermuda – one of my favorite race experiences

In NYS, gyms were allowed to open this week. The latest on my free gym:

no surprise here…hopefully they will open before it gets cold.

Last Week –

  • Monday – Day off from work! Woo Hoo!!

The day before I was at a tennis gathering on the Schroon River so I decided not to return home and stay up in the Adirondacks so I could run and hike there. (Lots of thunderstorms but missed them in both places 🙂 )

instead of a run, I opted for a walk and breakfast with a view. I didn’t want my legs to be too tired for my hike

I met my friend in North Creek (about 40 min from the marina) and we drove to the trail head.  My friend recommended Moxham Mountain since it had some great views and it was long but not too difficult.

she was right… it was amazing!!! It was worth the 4 hours!!

We were able to explore North Creek and the Mosaic Project before the rain came.

almost finished after 9 years in the making

  • Tuesday – After work, I had a hair appointment. I was planning on a rest day since I usually run on Mondays. But I did not run yesterday so I had hoped to squeeze one in at lunch.  It was so humid and it looked like the skies were about to open that I opted for a walk instead.

not too many flowers still around but I love when these white ones turn to pink

After my hair appt, I stopped off at The Crossings to get in a few miles before the next pop up thunderstorm.

another slog but didn’t get wet..yes that’s a Christmas that I frequently photograph here

  • Wednesday – I did get to run in the morning today before work. With the cooler temps, I should have been peppy but I was not lol.  Though it was in the 50s, I felt overdressed in my half-zip due to the bright sunshine.

my waterline path is overgrown 😦 but I did find some unopened sunflowers in my neighborhood

and then a walk at lunch.

fear not…there are still some flowers.. such as these red ones.

For our weekly trail walk, we returned to Thacher Park.  We chose a different trail in order to view Hang Glider Cliff. The weather and the company were PERFECT for the walk.

someone was even going to propose at the top (see pic below) …how sweet ❤

The walk was long enough to earn a dinner at one of my favorite places again – Maple on the Lake.

I wore a sweatshirt and sweat pants so I was not cold this week (as we ate outside (for the view)

  • Thursday – Whether or not I would run today was dependent on work and the weather. Rain was predicted for most of the day. When I was doing the challenge, if it were raining, I’d just grab an umbrella and walk.  Now…nope I skipped walking in the rain before work.

Only had a short break for lunch and it was POURING and thundering! Nope. Not happening.

My only hope for some activity today was after work. The rain had let up so I took off for a run at the Albany end of the rail trail (for a change of scenery).  No trails today due to the mud situation.

got it done before another storm

  • Friday – Rest Day Friday.

But due to Saturday’s weather forecast, we decided to postpone our long runs until Sunday.  That messes with my head.  Do I still rest???

Yes, but there were several walks. No time before work but one at lunch.

I decided to go to the nearby nature preserve trail since I hadn’t been there in a while.

On the way….guess what I passed??

I LOVE sunflowers!! I don’t know if they plant them every year but I’ve never seen them.  Then again, I’ve never gone to nature preserves before the pandemic.  So I ran to them and back (about 1/2 mile) and then only had time for one loop of the preserve.

Another walk right after work but only had time for the neighborhood.

happy to find some pinks and purples still around 🙂

And of course, ended my day with my weekly walk on the rail trail with former co-workers.  We returned to our original meet-up spot and headed in the opposite direction (so we wouldn’t be tempted to buy the gourmet popcorn lol)

6 miles!!


Rain, rain and more rain. I was hoping for a break in the weather to get in a bike ride or walk. It did stop and after all my errands and cleaning, I decided I needed a road trip.

So I headed out to find a hike with a decent waterfall. And I did…the best one I’ve seen so far.

On my way home, I stopped off at Art Omi, a nearby outdoor sculpture garden.  It was so interesting and perfect for distancing…everything was so spread out.


So normally Sunday is reserved for boating with the hubby.  Luckily for me, he is flexible.  I could run and skip boating or just head up and meet him after my run.

Since Alyssa did not defer the H2H half marathon, we wanted to support her virtual quest and so we met at Zim Smith bike path so we could have brunch at Leah’s.  (Food is a priority).

I arrived earlier and ran some miles with Alyssa and then circled back and ran intervals with Deirdre.  In the end, I completed 12 miles.  I earned my Dark n Stormy, quiche and brownie and chatted (for longer than I ran) with the other 6 Sole Sisters.

The weather was great…glad I didn’t run in the rain/humidity on Sat.

This Coming Week – 

  • Monday – rest day
  • Tuesday –  run, mall walk with BFF
  • Wednesday – rest day, trail walk
  • Thursday – run
  • Friday – rest day, walk with friends
  • Saturday – LONG RUN 
  • Sunday – rest day, Boating on Lake George

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Weekly Run Down for 8.17.20-8.23.20: Day Tripping, Biking and Butterflies

I went hiking on my day off at the beginning of the week and ended the week with another day trip (to a tennis party).  I started riding my bike and had a few butterfly sightings this week.

My SIXTH 2020 Half Marathon has been cancelled. TWO (including this one) had NO refunds and NO deferrals.

Ten of us reserved a house in NH that weekend… may still go if it is safe. Still bummed about NO race (and no finish line beer or lobster roll.)

Last Week –

  • Monday – A day off from work. I had my fingers crossed that the weather would cooperate and I could take a road trip and hike with a old friend and former co-worker, Molly.  We decided on Vroman’s Nose because of its scenic views.  Both the weather and views were perfect.  We also met up with my running friends who joined up on the hike.

It actually was less steep and a shorter, easier hike than I expected 

After the hike, we all went out to brunch.  Then I convinced Molly to hike some more (especially after those blueberry pancakes). We headed to Landis Arborteum.  There were lots of trails and interesting trees.  So worth it.

I hope to go back next spring when the lilacs are in bloom.

  • Tuesday – The day started with a follow-up podiatrist appointment followed by a run. I explained to doctor about my zero-drop theory and then we discussed my other foot (bunion pain)… exercises, tape and 2 months to follow-up. She was happy that my neuroma no longer hurt.

started on the rail trail and took a turn off to a hilly road…the temps made this one pretty pleasant (is fall on the way? hope not)

Just a quick walk at lunch (I was going to try out my bike but the front tire was flat 😦 )

another flower pic. what did you expect? lol

I headed for the trails after work – Hannacroix Ravine Preserve (which I had planned on re-visiting last week but never did).  I forgot to download the map and I had no cell service so I just followed the red signs up and down and over small creeks hoping that it was a loop. I eventually met a couple and asked them.  I was almost done at that point and all I had to do was turn right at the main road and walk down a ways to the parking lot. Phew!

 2.5 mile loop and really enjoyable…

When I got home, my hubby had put air in my bike tires and I actually rode my bike.  It needs some work but it’s rideable.

  • Wednesday – Too busy at work to walk or run before work or during lunch. Too bad because it was a nice coolish day.

But I did get in my run after work.  I drove to the Voorheesville end of the rail trail (because the art exhibit was finally finished) and ran from there and back.

the artwork was amazing!!! I also bumped in someone I taught with eons ago.

  • Thursday – Again I skipped my morning walk but I did squeeze a short one in during lunch.

amazingly this butterfly just sat there…

Our weekly Trail Walk got changed this week to today and a new location – Thacher Park. First we walked the Indian Ladder trail and then another looped trail.

lots of stairs, great views but not a big waterfall this time of year

followed by dinner on Warner’s Lake.

great food, company and view but actually a little chilly outside (fall-like temps)

  • Friday – Rest Day Friday. No time to run or walk before work so I took out the bike.

yes it was a little chilly this morning…and I need to get a helmet but just a 15 min ride in the neighborhood

And another ride during lunch on a beautiful sunny day (My rest days always have the best weather….)

haven’t figured out how to take pics and ride…don’t worry, I’ll walk and hike too so I can post those flower pics…

This has become a weekly thing…post work walk with two former co-workers.  Great way to end the week and chat. We met on the rail trail but at a different spot to vary the walk route.

met some ‘deer” friends too

  • SaturdayLONG RUN DAY. Today we chose the Corning bike path to run/walk.  I started earlier as usual and then met the others. I did heart rate intervals with Jan and ended up with 11 miles total.

it wasn’t hot or sunny but boy was it humid!!!

Then we all picked up our brunch items at Baking You Crazy and ate them outdoors at Chris’ house.

I saw this butterfly in my garden out back, then on the wall and finally IN my garage on my bike seat…weird!

  • Sunday – Normally I would be boating on Lake George with the hubby.  But today was an annual party at a house on the Schroon River with my tennis friends.

tennis, eating, swimming…glad to keep up our tradition

After the party, I planned to stay overnight on my boat so on Monday (a day off), I could get in an early run and then some hikes in the Adirondacks.

This Coming Week – 

  • Monday – DAY OFF – run, hike
  • Tuesday –  rest day, hair appt
  • Wednesday –  run, trail walk
  • Thursday – run 
  • Friday – rest day, walk with friends
  • Saturday – LONG RUN 
  • Sunday – rest day, Boating on Lake George

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