Weekly Run Down for 10.14.19-10.20.19: Home Sweet Home

No work travel this week. Just the normal busy stuff.

Now that I have free time during the week to actually to do my training miles, it’s taper time for my NYCM training. It figures….

Last Week –

  • Monday  – Even though it was the day after my 20 miler, I signed up for a race, Lawson Lake Trail Run. I had the day off and it was only a 5k trail race. I planned to just walk it. After experiencing lots of discomfort the previous day, I was surprised to wake up feeling as if I had NOT run the day before. Still I walked most of it and It was a fun time. The weather was awesome, the course scenic and some of my friends came as well.

probably less than 3 since Jan and I made a wrong turn

After the race, my hubby and I decided to make one last quick trip to the lake. We even made our last trip to Martha’s for ice cream (sorry no pic)

  • Tuesday – With rain in the forecast for the next two days, my running friend and I headed to run the UAlbany loop after work. We ran in the opposite direction from last week and discussed alternate places to run. Afterward I met my BFF to chat and walk around the mall.

  • Wednesday – There was a scheduled SOAR run today after work on the rail trail. But it was raining so I bailed.
  • Thursday – Long work day and it rained all day and night but it was not raining when I left work so I ran on the Corning Bike path. I had the company again of a friend. Definitely made the difference.

Afterward I rushed off to have dinner with some tennis friends.

delicious dinner…miss these ladies since I don’t play tennis anymore

  • Friday – Rest day…Chiro appt and then time to relax and play mah jongg.
  • Saturday – Only a 12 mile run for this week. Start of my TAPER! We chose the local rail trail and the weather was PERFECT!! (cool and sunny). I ran the first 5 miles solo, then the last 7 with Barbara and Judy and joined the others (Sherry, Chris, Jeri) afterward for brunch.

so lucky to always have friends to do my LONG runs with (and brunch with)

No rest for the weary. As soon I was done with post run brunch, I drove with a college friend to meet another college friend for a mini reunion on the Walkway Bridge Over the Hudson.

friends since 1973….. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Sunday – Rest Day and no boating… just nothing. Aaaah.

(Actually laundry, cleaning and errands…pretty tiring …on 2nd thought…rather go running lol)

This Coming Week – Marathon Training Week 17

  • Monday – run
  • Tuesday –  rest day
  • Wednesday – run
  • Thursday – run
  • Friday – rest day, mah jongg
  • Saturday – LONG RUN – 8 – Maybe a 5k race (+ 5)
  • Sunday – rest day, volunteer at ARE Trail Race

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Weekly Run Down for 10.7.19-10.13.19: Travel and the Dreaded 20 Miler


Work Travel Again. But it’s the last trip (for a little while, I hope)

A Half Marathon happened at the end of the week as part of my 20 miler.

Almost taper time for my NYCM training.

Last Week

  • Monday  – Work trip to Sullivan County. It was supposed to be raining in the am so I didn’t plan to run before leaving. Of course it was not. But it rained the rest of the day. And hard. I had no choice but to run on the hotel treadmill. I was alone and there was TV but still hated it.

  • Tuesday – After a long work day, I went back to my hotel to change in search of some place nearby to run safely. I discovered a rail trail not too far away and headed there. The foliage colors were awesome and though I was tired, this run energized me.

Mountain Dale Rails to Trails

After 4.5 miles, I headed off the trail to get to 5 miles. My reward:

  • Wednesday – It again was supposed to rain but I changed into running clothes just in case. I had hoped to run on a rail trail that I had passed on my way Monday. It looked like it was going to rain soon so instead I found a trail near work. It turned out to be too muddy and full of roots to run on. Instead I walked. Almost got lost several times but I made it all around the lake before the rain.

Hanofee Park

  • Thursday – Back home and able to run after work with a friend. For convenience purposes, we hit the UAlbany loop.

we verged off the loop to run around Indian Pond

Then I went to the movies with friends (I skipped the restaurant dinner in favor of a run…it was a HARD decision.).

Renee Zellweger was fabulous but such a sad story.

  • Friday – Time to rest, unpack and play mah jongg. But first a quick run on the local rail trail (nice weather and there aren’t too many of those in the future.)

loved the wall art and the many painted rocks along the course

  • Saturday – My friends were running a race today. FOMO since it is one race I done every year.Instead I started the day with a trip to the expo to pick up my bib for Sunday’s half.

Then the hubby and I drove up to Lake George for our LAST boating day of the season. The weather was again PERFECT and I spent a relaxing day with our friends.

  • Sunday – Yes, today was the day of the 20 miler. My only one during marathon training. I drove to the start of the Hannaford Half Marathon and in the dark ran 7 miles. (I started out on the trail but it was too dark so I ran on the road and then returned to the trail ponce the sun came up.)

Then I ran 13.2 more miles as part of the race.  Being a local race, it was nice to see so many familiar faces. (Even met up with Cari from NYC who was visiting her brother.) The first 6 miles went very well. Maybe too well. The last 7 were very painful…everything hurt.  But I was lucky to have a from run the last mile or so with me and to have my running friends cheer me through the finish line, So it was harder than I thought but the 20 miler is done. Bring on the taper!

Weekly Run Down for 9.30-10.6.19: Work Travel and Fun Travel


Travel and more travel. First to Long Island for work and then at the end of the week to NYC for a 10k and a Broadway show

NYCM training may have taken a back seat this week. 33 on the schedule.  Less than 13 miles completed!!!!!!!!

Last Week

  • Monday  – After a very long drive to Ronkonkoma and set up, I checked into my hotel and looked for a place to run. Someone at the hotel recommended Blydenburgh Park. And it was lovely. Lots of trails intended for horse back riding I believe.

so many swans on the lake and deer in the woods

  • Tuesday – Long work day and no time to run. I had to drive to Uniondale and check into another hotel and then drive to Bellmore to have dinner with two high school friends. Lots of driving but always fun to reconnect with old friends and laugh about the old days.

yes they are twins!

  • Wednesday – Another forced rest day since I had to go to work extra early and fight the traffic for a long drive home (5.5 hours!). I thought about an early morning but it was dark and I hate the mill. Besides I was pooped. Interesting weather. Left LI at 92 degree and arrived home at 52 degrees.
  • Thursday – Finally a run. And I was supposed to meet some friends to run locally after work. RAIN!!!!!!!! Don’t be shocked but I actually ran on the treadmill at the gym. Desperate measures. I.Hated.Every.Second.

  • Friday – Another Rest day.  Bus to NYC. After I checked into my hotel, I headed out to pick up my bib for my race the next day and meet up with Cari. Instead of resting my legs, I walked to NYRR, then Cari and I walked toward my hotel.  I got some pizza and ice cream and then walked around Hudson Yards.

  • Saturday – Normally a Long Run Day with my Sole Sisters.  But instead, today was my annual trip to NYC with my tennis friends for lunch and a Broadway show. So of course, I squeezed in a race, the Grete Gallop 10k first. (My first missed long run 😦 ). Normally I would have taken the subway to and from the race to rest my legs. But today, I wanted to add miles to my legs (and the race was just for fun). It was a struggle and hopefully those Central Park hills helped to prepare me for Nov. 3. I loved the race (and did run UP all those hills). The weather was perfect and even with 8000 runners and hills, I placed 3rd in my age group. 🙂

made two new friends waiting to start (one is pictured)

Then afterwards I walked back to my hotel, changed and walked to meet my tennis friends for lunch (Valerie’s on 45th) and then to Broadway to see Hadestown. Great show!!

that’s nutella filled French toast with a side of bacon

After the show, we walked back. I stopped at my hotel and then met the girls for a quick dinner before heading home.

Definitely a long BUT fun-filled day. 14 miles on the legs!!!!!  6 miles run + 8 miles walking).

  • Sunday – Boating Sunday on Lake George? Nope. I wanted to go but the hubby thought it was too cold and windy. Wimp LOL.

Weekly Run Down for 9.23.19-9.29.19: Another Week, Another Town


Another week of work travel. Sigh.

Last week it was Rochester. This week, Binghamton.

And trying to train for NYCM.

Last Week

  • Monday  – Summer returned with a vengeance. Almost 90 degrees and oppressive humidity.  I’ve run in worse conditions but I guess I got spoiled with last week’s weather. This UAlbany loop run felt tough. Luckily I had a friend to push me through.

as soon as we finished, the skies opened up.

  • Tuesday – Off to Binghamton with all my computers. I had never worked here before so I did my research and discovered a short rail trail in Vestal not far from my hotel. It was nice to find a place to run but it was between two highways so all you could hear was traffic.

There was a cafe where I parked and I had dinner there and then went for a walk on the trail in the other direction.

  • Wednesday – I went back to the same trail after work. Didn’t run on trail but ran through town but ate dinner at the same cafe. The owner is runner and we talked about races, of course.

  • Thursday – Last day in Binghamton and I ran the trail again but in the direction that I walked the first night.

  • Friday – Rest day.  Long drive home.
  • Saturday – Long Run Day with my Sole Sisters. I had 14 on my plan and was fortunate to have various runners to accompany me on many of miles.

Afterward was group brunch, followed by errands, unpacking and dinner out finally with the hubby.

and apple pie for dessert

  • Sunday – Boating Sunday on Lake George. The hubby thought that it would be chilly but it was not. We docked in a bay, had lunch and hung out enjoying the sunshine.

On the way home we stopped at my MIL’s to celebrate her 94th birthday.

Weekly Run Down for 9.16.19-9.22.19: On the Road Again


After one week of not traveling for work, for the next four weeks I will be back on the road. Sigh.

And still trying to train for NYCM.

Last Week

  • Monday  – Long drive to Rochester but after my set-up, I had time to go for a run. I haven’t been here in a while but I used to come here often so at least I knew places to run. My favorite is along Lake Ontario. It was beautiful with perfect weather.

  • Tuesday – After a tough day at work, a run was just what I needed. I decided to head to the Erie Canal path. Again perfect running weather and a Skirt Sports ambassador meet up at Schoen Place.

  • Wednesday – Running three days in a row is not what I normally do but this was a short one and back along Lake Ontario.

added to my sea glass collection

Then a stop for ice cream.

Who knew Abbott’s was here? Had to run another mile to justify that custard.

  • Thursday – Last night in Rochester and another run along the Erie Canal but in the opposite direction from Tuesday. Wish this weather would last forever.

  • Friday – Rest day.  Long drive home. Pooped.
  • Saturday – Long Run Day with my Sole Sisters. Since I’m skipping a long run on Oct 5, I decided to run 18 and postpone my cutback run until next weekend. I ran 4 miles solo, then 5 more with Judy, and finally 4.5 with Barbara. I finish the last 4.5 miles alone. I’m not gonna lie. IT WAS HARD!!!!

After brunch, I had a much needed hair appt. Then errands and out to celebrate a friend’s b-day (while the hubby was on our boat.)

  • Sunday – No boating today. I was at a Mah Jongg weekend away. Some of us, including me, just went for the day. Fun to play and relax. Hopefully, next Sunday, I’ll be back on the boat.

the hostess got a brand new puppy – the cutest

Weekly Run Down for 9.2.19-9.8.19 – Race Week


A short work week but I was in NYC AGAIN!!! And then off to RI to visit an old friend (college roommate, travel buddy, maid of honor) and to run a Half Marathon.

And NYCM Training continues, of course.

Last Week

  • Monday – I had planned to either race a 5k or volunteer but for once I didn’t register early.  It rained on and off all day. Instead I took a rest day to do fun things like laundry, errands, cleaning.  More tiring than running…
  • Tuesday – Off to NYC by train. I had planned a rest day and a movie but I didn’t run on Monday and the weather was awesome so I decided to run and postpone the movie. Started around 50th and ran uptown along the Hudson until 96th and then headed into Central Park. Eventually walked back to the hotel.

  • Wednesday – Long work day with rain predicted. As usual, no rain so ran a bit on the High Line

and then went to the movies.


A fun flic especially for someone like me who is training for her first marathon and like Brittany, it happens to be NYC. But it was not as much about running as about how it changes your life.

  • Thursday – Day 3 of work and running. Pooped but managed to run to meet Cari and Elizabeth for dinner. And saw the most amazing sunset. How lucky am I?

3 miles run to Pier i

Then I walked all the way back to my hotel.

  • Friday – No run due to the train home after work and then to unpack and re-pack. Engine broke down on the way, had to return to Penn Sta and then no power…3 1/2 hours late returning home 😦
  • Saturday – Long drive to RI to visit my college roommate, Valerie. She recently retired and built a big house on the water and has been wanting me to come see it.  She alerted me that it was 20 minutes from a half marathon in September. Last year I was running in Montreal, but this year..no excuses (except the timing with work stuff sucked).

sunset views from their deck and a few blocks from the beach

  • Sunday – Race Day – Surftown Half Marathon. I had planned to run this race before I signed up for NYC Marathon so it then changed to a training run. Good thing because it was hilly but still it was a beautiful course. And I got to meet two fellow bloggers – Kim & Michelle.

I ran the first half too fast and the 2nd half too slow but still ended up with 2nd in my AG

Afterward we went to Newport and walked around.

didn’t buy the shirt…just posted as a joke

Weekly Run Down: 8.19.19-8.25.19 – Work Travel Woes


So work has been hectic. Even more hectic than normal (down TWO trainers and a two new trainings  to learn in the mix). Not ideal conditions to train for a fall race. But it is what it is. And WEEK 8 of NYCM Training has come and gone.

Last Week

  • Monday – I was supposed to go to NYC today but luckily it got changed. I had also signed up (when I was scheduled to work at home this week) for the Saratoga Track Mile. I had always wanted to run a ONE mile race. Well, it’ll have to wait until next year.  The logistics of driving 45 minutes in traffic for a short race and coming home late to pack just didn’t seem right so instead, I got up early and ran before work. The temps were better than previous runs but the rain did not get rid of the humidity…at all.

  • Tuesday – As I already said, I was almost in NYC but I had bought tickets either my tennis friends to go to the Aurora Games, a tennis exhibition. A very late night but enjoyable.

  • Wednesday – So today I did take the train to NYC. I got up early to run but it started to pour so I went back to bed hoping that the weather would be better in NYC. Well it was hot (over 90) and humid. And I missed the rain which was not necessarily a good thing. 11.5 miles on the feet.

running along the East River (no shade 😦 )

  • Thursday – A long work day but my miles been slacking so Cari agreed to meet me in Central Park and we slogged through a run (instead of attending the Brigid Runs a Marathon preview). And I got drenched on my walk home.

the company, the ducks and turtles made this run bearable.

  • Friday – Rest day to returning home late after work by train.
  • Saturday – Long Run Saturday followed by a weekend away with my tennis friends.

14 miles were on my adapted schedule and my friend Stan agreed to meet me at 6 am to run 6 miles and then Karen & Sherry ran the remaining 8 with me too.  Jan, Barbara and Judy joined us for brunch after.

perfect running weather made my longest run ever not too bad at all… `10 more weeks to go!!

Every summer we spend a weekend together at one friend’s house on the Schroon River. We play tennis, eat, swim, and just have fun. The Saturday group was large and so nice to gather everyone in one place.

swimming this year was replaced by a long walk

  • Sunday – Still at the River House. Only a few of us stayed overnight. I had hoped for early morning tennis but instead went for a long run/walk before the others got up.

so beautiful here!!

Afterward, we decided to take a drive to Lake Placid to visit the Adirondack Wildlife Refuge Center.  We saw eagles, cougars, bears, wolves, etc and walked the trails.  A great experience.