Weekly Run Down for 7.29.19-8.4.19: Race Week Again


A new name for an old race. And it was also WEEK 5 for NYCM Training and I continued to get my runs done.

Last Week

  • Monday – A quick run before work

we are already losing daylight hours – boo!

because I was going to the movies that evening. A friend got a free pass to:

The Farewell poster.jpg

I enjoyed it.

  • Tuesday Instead of my regular job, this week, I worked tech support for the NYS Bar Exam. For nostalgia sake (I proctored where I used to work) I thought I might run a little in the area but it was too damn hot (and thunderstorms were lurking). I did meet my BFF to walk and talk in the mall. Got my steps in!!
  • Wednesday – Back at my regular job and this week, I set my alarm to run before work but changed my mind. Instead I did attend the ice cream run after work. It was at a convenient location and though I was tired, I can never resist ice cream.

scheduled for 5 miles… dragged myself through 2 at UAlbany and then 2.5 trail miles at 6 mile Waterworks. Thanks, Barbara for staying with me while I pulled up the rear.

  • Thursday – Back at the Bar Exam…exhausted but still excited to run the trails again. We returned to Thacher Park but ran on a different trail than a few weeks ago. Somehow once I started running, the weariness in my body disappeared and I ran with a new friend (Gail). We ran slow and enjoyed the views and then  afterword went out to dinner with some of my Sole Sisters.

  • Friday –  Rest day after day 3 at the Bar Exam so that I could get ready to run 8 insanely hilly miles the next day. and then recoup at my friend’s house on the Schroon River.
  • Saturday – Inaugural Hudson River Ramble (previously Race the Train). – an 8 mile race along the Hudson River (where a train used to run). I guess I had amnesia because I don’t remember the race being this hard…the hills were insane so I had no choice but to walk up every single one.  Still I made some new friends, chatted with some old ones and even won my age group.

After the race, I stopped at a trail. Yes I hiked to top of a mountain… Sorry legs but I’ve wanting to hike all summer.

2 miles to the top

  • Sunday – Another Boating Sunday on Lake George. Again the weather was lovely and this week, we invited some friends along.  Such a fun day sharing our love of the lake with others.

This Coming Week – Marathon Training Week 6

  • Monday 3 miles (before work), nail appt.
  • Tuesday –  rest day, dinner out with a friend
  • Wednesday – 5 miles (ice cream group run) on the rail trail or SOAR run at Thacher Park
  • Thursday3 miles (ARE trail run series or on the Corning bike path)
  • Friday – rest day, mah jongg evening
  • Saturday11 mile Long Run
  • Sunday – rest day, boating

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Happy Running! How is your running going? What’s new with you? Any races on the horizon? How are you dealing with the summer temps? Please share.


27 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down for 7.29.19-8.4.19: Race Week Again

    • I should but I guess I like the challenge and hope for the best. You definitely have to adjust your expectations which I have a hard time doing.


  1. I’m so intrigued at how much you’re enjoying trail running – it’s something I’ve never really done because I always figured I’d trip over a tree root or a rock and fall flat on my face. Is that an issue with you and are you just really good at spotting obstacles and avoiding them? Curious minds and all…


    • No that’s why I hesitated for years but it gets boring running in the same spot all the time. i run very slow looking down and if it’s technical or muddy, I just walk.


    • I pass that butterfly all the time but someone asked me to take their pic and then she took mine. I was siting but then she told me to pretend that I was flying…it worked.


    • I remember the hills but not the pain of running up them and how hard it is.

      I still prefer to race than to just run.

      I usually read my race recaps after the race because I don’t want the pressure of finishing at a certain time.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Unfortunately I cannot pass up ice cream. I am running another one this week too.

      Thanks but it was not one of my shining race moments.


  2. Yikes on the hills. There’s a hilly race I might do in September if I forget the pain of it!

    Did you like the movie? I heard an interview with the woman (granddaughter maybe?) and it sounded good.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great job on that pre-work run!! Doesn’t it feel awesome to get it done and not have it hanging over you all day? 😉 When I first started doing the early-morning runs, I’d come home from work and (momentarily) forget that I’d already got my run done (like, 12 hours prior), and it was so liberating 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • My weeks always seem busy. But I should should add some strength training.

      And thanks but I would have preferred to have a strong race than win an award.


  4. I could be exhausted, not slept all week, sore as hell but if you said Ice Cream Run I’ll have my gear on in 2 minutes flat ready and raring to go 😉

    way to go on all those hills! yikes! and still and AG award! you are my hero 🙂


    • Yeah. Ice cream is my weakness.

      Well there were only 3 in my age group. I did not have a great race. But I guess I’ll take it.


  5. Always say yes to ice cream! That’s my motto!

    How was the movie? I haven’t heard of that one and now that little man will be going back to school, I will be able to scoot out for movies during the day. There’s my dirty little secret 🙂

    You’ve been having great weeks and I love that butterfly photo!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Of course. Have an ice cream run tonight.

      Lucky you about daytime movies. There’s quite a few I want to see but so little time.


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