Friday Five 2.0- 2018, The First 6 months (in Numbers)

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This summer I feel like I have really been slacking off.  My weekday runs have been a slog due to the humidity and lack of motivation. I think about running 5 miles and I can barely finish three (with lots of walking.) On the weekend? Well, I’d rather go boating or hanging out with friends than running. Last weekend, my planned 9-10 miler turned in to 5.

Instead of whining about my pathetic low number of miles so far in 2018, I’m going to look at the positives about the year so far.

So my topic today is: My 2018 Running Update

I know that I’m a month late but I finally had some time to assess the first 6 months of the year.

To be brief, here are just the numbers.


  • 5k – 9
  • 4m – 1
  • 5m – 2
  • other – 4
  • 10k – 0
  • 15k – 1
  • Half Marathons – 2

2.New Races RUN = 4

  • Brew 2 Brew Half
  • Brooklyn Half
  • Brooklyn Ice Cream Social
  • Adirondack 15k

3.COURSE PRs = 9

  • Shamrock Shuffle (5m)
  • Ice Breaker Challenge 5k
  • Delmar Dash (5m)
  • Bacon Hill Bonanza 5k
  • Cherry Blossom 5k
  • Tropicool 5k
  • Summer Smith Memorial 5k
  • Freihofer 5k
  • Brooklyn Ice Cream Social 5k

4.PRs = 2

  • Delmar Dash (5m)
  • Bacon Hill Bonanza 5k


1st Place

  • Winter Series (3m)
  • Winter Series (4.5m)
  • Shamrock Shuffle (5m)
  • Ice Breaker Challenge 5k
  • Bacon Hill Bonanza 5k
  • Cherry Blossom 5k
  • Tropicool 5k
  • PPTC Summer Speed Series #1 5K
  • PPTC Summer Speed Series #2 5K
  • Brooklyn Ice Cream Social 5k
  • Silks & Satins 5K

2nd Place

  • Polar Cap (4m)
  • Summer Smith Memorial 5k
  • Adirondack 15K

3rd Place

  • Winter Series (3.5m)
  • Brew 2 Brew Half Marathon
  • Delmar Dash (5m)

So often we only think about the last race or the next race. We stress out about mileage, pace and race plans.

Sometimes we just need to look at the whole picture. They say “pictures tell a story.”  Often, numbers tell a story.

At least they do this year for me. The numbers above put things in perspective.

When I look at them, I feel like I’ve had a pretty decent year so far.

I would remiss if I didn’t mention that at the start of year, I had ZERO expectations for PRs, Course PRs or Age Group Awards. I sign up for races that I would enjoy and to do my best to finish them. Whatever happens happens….

And who knows what the next 6 months will bring? (So far, I have another course PR and 1st in my age group 🙂 )

Happy Running! How has the first half of 2018 been for you? Do you ever look at the numbers?


20 thoughts on “Friday Five 2.0- 2018, The First 6 months (in Numbers)

  1. You probably need an addition on your house for all those AG awards and race medals. Nice work D. I have quit running as many races, but try to focus on the distances I love, the half and full marathon. Congrats on a great 6 months

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  2. Wow! Congrats on all of your PRs and awards. You are doing great. You make me want to get out there and sign up for more fun races. I have a marathon on my schedule for August, and I haven’t been doing much fun racing lately. I will be glad to get back to doing shorter, more fun races.

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  3. When you look at it over that timespan, you really can see how much you’ve been running! And I think it’s perfectly normal to feel less enthused about running when it’s so freaking hot and humid. You’ll be back to Darlene-levels of mileage before you know it.

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  4. I’m not really a numbers girl. And as you know, we have very different perspectives. Yes, I’ve been really lucky with my races in the last couple of years, and I think there’s many reasons for that and I also know it’s not likely to continue forever.

    OTOH, there’s a satisfaction — for me — in doing the work to the best of my ability. I always try my best but usually don’t really put pressure on myself in the actual race to PR. I don’t even know my PR for a specific distance most of the time, and I don’t have my watch show me elapsed time, either.

    Everyone is different and everyone is motivated by different things.


    • I actually don’t realize that I had a course PR until I write my blog post and look up my last year’s time. I am usually pretty surprised.

      I’m not motivated by numbers since I don’t ever know my paces or look at them (except after a race) but numbers can measure some sort of success or at least make you feel like you’ve made progress.

      So far this year has gone well but as you said who knows how other races will go in the future.

      I agree that everyone is different. It makes life more interesting.

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