Looking Back on 2017

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In a post last January, after a stressful 2016, I talked about my plans for 2017. (Read about them here.)

To summarize that post, I basically said that in 2017, I planned to “enjoy each race and focus on what is good about each one.” In other words, try not to dwell on negatives or stress out about the paces, the miles and the finish times.

And my chosen word for 2017 was “RELAX” 

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So let’s see how the year went… and if the “relaxing” plan helped.

With a new job that as the year progressed, added more and more travel, running became my therapy.

I made it a priority that after work I would run, no matter where I was, so I would be in racing shape for all those races that I signed up for.

And yes, that happened (most of the time).

I ran along Onondaga Lake in Liverpool, Lake Ontario and on the Erie Canal Trail in Rochester, at Canalside in Buffalo and along the East and Hudson rivers and in Central Park in Manhattan. Most times I was exhausted and hungry and it was late but I always felt better when I was done with my run.

Along Lake Ontario (Rochester)

I ran 35 races with only one DNS (due to a backache).

There were 6 Half Marathons, 13 5ks, 4 10ks and a variety of other distances.

I won’t go into detail about every race here but except for two strugglefest half marathons, I was happy with how I ran ALL the other races!!

yes, the Shape Half Marathon was not easy…

I didn’t have any time goals for my races. I just wanted to run well and have fun! And I did just that.

July – Brooklyn 5k

That being said, TEN of the 5ks (all the ones that I actually raced) had finish times under 28 minutes!!  Woo! Hoo! There were MANY age group awards earned, too.

Plus, I had a half marathon PR. Even more exciting (and shocking)!!

May 21 – Steel Rail Half Marathon

Almost all my races were run with friends. They say “Running is better with friends.” And ain’t that the truth?

Wineglass pre-race dinner

RnR Vegas Half Marathon

The only negative about my year was that this past fall, I wasn’t able to participate in my favorite running group or volunteer with STEM. I wasn’t able to play tennis every Tuesday. I rarely went to gym and never hit a yoga class. Work, work, work.  Darn work schedule!!!

Otherwise, I think my year went very well. I proved to myself that to have good running year, it’s not all about PRs and paces but it’s about relaxing, having fun and finding good in every race.

So moving forward...

What’s in store for me in 2018???

Well, long work days and more travel are likely.

I haven’t picked a word yet. But I can tell you this for sure:

I will be running.

I will be racing.

Happy Running! Have you looked back yet on 2017?  Did you have any goals? Did you meet them?  Anything to share about 2018 yet?  Please do…

34 thoughts on “Looking Back on 2017

  1. I like that your word was relax! I think I may need to borrow that for 2018 LOL I think you are pretty amazing, you just go go go! I am impressed at how fast your races have been this year, I kid not when I tell you I can sub 30 a 5K anymore.
    Even tough races hold some very happy moments 🙂 I try to focus on those too!


    • Yes. Please do focus on the good things running has brought you. There are much more of those than bad races.

      I’ve had a few struggles at the half marathon level. Truthfully I’ve thought of sticking to the shorter distance. But then I forget and sign up for another. Lol.


  2. Apparently I didn’t write about 2017 goals. I sure never expected to PR all my halfs, not by a long shot!

    For me, it’s more about less races & longer racecations. It’s what we enjoy.

    I am very glad I will not have to drive back & forth to Poughkeepsie all winter long again (although I still need to see the family on a regular basis).

    Enjoy your parties & may you be surprised by more PRs & AG Awards next year! It may be about fun & friends, but those are fun, too.


    • Yes Ag awards and PRs are rewarding but you can’t count on them. I’ll take fun and friends over them any day.

      If I had more $$ and time, I’d take longer racations too.

      Hope 2018 is as successful for you as 2017 has been. And that your parents stay healthy.

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      • I definitely can’t count on AG. Never gonna happen. I also don’t count on PRs. But I will work toward them, because I know that even if it doesn’t pay off for a particular race, it will pay off somewhere down the road.

        Hopefully you’ll have fun (if short) racecations in 2018. And even if you don’t end up racing in France, I know you’ll have an amazing time. So never say never — you thought you would never get back there.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Unfortunately you are too young for AG awards but then you started running a lot younger than me so you have more years ahead to get fast.

          I like your optimism. PRs at some point will not come. We do age and get slower. As I said, you’re still young in my book.

          Of course, I’m looking forward to visiting France but I only agreed to go because of the race LOL.

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  3. I feel you on the work, work, work. I work part-time, but my new office is determined to suck every minute out of me. Funny how in healthcare we are expected to take care of our patients but not ourselves. I can’t wait until I can retire….

    Happy New Year!


  4. Work travel can make it hard to keep up with your fitness program – I’m impressed that you managed those after-work runs. We usually work until dinner time or later, so I have to exercise in the morning. Will you be travelling to the same or different places?


    • unfortunately, exactly the same places. NYC running is the easiest since the paths are lit at night. It’s hard to run in the am. I have a lot to do to prepare for my trainings and have to get to the facility early.

      But it is what it is. I do not plan to stop running. Just may have to scale it back.


  5. I only have to travel for work a few times a year, but I often find it difficult to get in my workouts so I can only imagine how hard it is when you are traveling more frequently.

    I love “finding the good in every race” because some races are just hard but every finish line should be celebrated.

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