Sefcu 5K Race Recap & TOTR

Hundreds of runners and walkers participated in the 27th annual ...

Last year’s pic from the Gazette

I had no intention of running this race.  But FOMO got to me and it was only $15 so I signed up.

I had to run today anyway so now I would have company.  After having run 12 miles on Saturday and having another 5k this Saturday, I had no plans to do anything but run.

Since I am usually on Lake George for the holiday (and I did spend the whole day there on Sunday), the only time I ran this race was in 2008, my first year running.  My time was a not very impressive 33:03. So I thought that at least I could have a course PR for the day.

I am familiar with part of this course having trained for the Turkey Troy Trot on it and many of the HMRRC Winter Series races are also run here.

All I can say is that it is a boring course.  You don’t run it for the scenery.  It’s just office buildings and parking lots with a view of the highway.

Hundreds of runners and walkers participated in the 27th annual ...

photo from the Gazette 2015

I spent Sunday like this:


After a long day in the sun, dinner out and fireworks on the lake, I didn’t get home until 11:30 pm.  And believe me, I was regretting my decision to run this race knowing all our friends would be out on the lake the next day.

But I dragged myself out of bed and drove to the race which was only 15 minutes away.  I immediately ran into Holly, my friend Tom, a former student and so many more runners whom I knew.


I hung around talking to people that I hadn’t seen in a while.


another cotton shirt – ugh!

Many runners were doing their warm-up runs but I just walked around (my pre-race warm-up).

Soon it was time to begin (and I noticed the battery was low on my  Garmin but it did last the 3.1 miles 🙂 ) and I lined up with Holly and Jackie (from the Turkey Trot and Freihofer’s running groups).

Holly who is in my age group and faster than me, took off and vanished.  I tried to start at a decent pace but my legs felt like lead from my 12 miles 2 days before.

The course, though boring, is fairly flat – just some uphills and downhills but nothing challenging.

Though it was perfect running in temps (in the 60’s), the sun was very strong and I was HOT.  I willed myself not to walk until the first water stop a little past the 1 mile mark.  It helped but I still felt like I was running a lot slower.

I walked again at the second water stop for an even longer time – but it was needed.  I wanted to finish strong but I was dragging.

All of sudden, I saw Holly. She had slowed down and I was able to pass her in the last half mile.

Eventually, I approached the finish line with not much left but I gave it my best shot and a even passed a guy at the last minute.

28:34 officially.  A minute slower than my last 5k which I thought was a disaster.  Still a course PR and lots of runners to chat with while waiting for the awards.


And I won 1st in my age group, Holly second and Jackie third (in a younger age group).


I guess it pays to be old – this my fourth age group 1st place win in a row.


I was having FOMO looking at the FB pictures of my friends and hubby picnicking on Lake George but I am happy with my race.


mile 1: 8:50
mile 2: 9:06
mile 3: 9:39
.14: 7:59

28:30  (Garmin time)

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Happy Running!  


16 thoughts on “Sefcu 5K Race Recap & TOTR

  1. Congrats on that 1st place age group award, you’re really racking them up! And I would have found it hard to resist at that price too. Plus, it’s great going to races where you’ll get to see a lot of people you know 🙂


  2. Awesome job, congrats!! My next 5K is in a couple of weeks…I’m not sure if I want to push the pace or take it easy since I have a half marathon the next day!


  3. nice one! especially when you weren’t even planning it!
    just don’t forget that 33 minutes is impressive to someone out there (as far as your first 5k went)! A girl I knew here in the Netherlands moved back to the States with her husband and shortly afterwards she started running. Because of me! and she did her first 5K in 40 minutes! To me that is seriously impressive!
    I can’t wait to be old enough to start winning or at least get in the top 3! haha! won’t be too much longer now I guess!


  4. Argggh, I just noticed my comment got eaten. I hope that isn’t happening all the time.
    Congrats on the 1st pace AG win! You are so speedy! I love it 🙂
    I love your skirt and top you wore- so cute.

    haha, trying again!


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