TOLT: 100 Best Running Blogs, Group Runs,Volunteering, New Routes, Racing, etc.

thinking out loud

So I’m linking up today with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud Thursday.

Here’s what I’m thinking today…

  • 100 Best Running Blogs (according to Healthy Mom’s Magazine)

I’m #2.

They are, however, not in any particular order.  But it is still so cool.

I wish that I had time to follow them all but quite a few of my favorites are on this list.

You can see the complete list here –


  • Freihofer’s Training Challenge Group.


So this is the 6th one and my second.

It was nice to see such a large group of newbie runners.


Coach Patrick is back too (and he’s cute, isn’t he?)

It was nice to see those familiar faces.


caught up with a fellow Skirt Sports ambassador…hopefully soon it will be warm enough to wear our skirts

I signed up for the “Advanced” group which means I am running with the speedy runners.  Not only am I not as fast as they are but often, I will have completed my long run (or even a half marathon) the day before.  It will be humbling to be dragging along at the back of the pack.

Still, it’ll be fun not to do my weekday runs alone…and to maybe even do some speed work (if my legs can handle it.)


they make us to dynamic warm-ups before and stretched after

  • STEM and GOTR

Since I’m not busy enough, I signed up for both of these.


For STEM, using the CouchTo5k app, I will run with a group of new runners (survivors of Domestic Violence) on Wednesdays. Then run a 5K with the them.  This is my 3rd volunteering and it is SO rewarding to see what a difference running has made in their lives.

crossing the finish line at last spring’s 5k

I am also being a running buddy for the 2nd time in the Girls On the Run program.

I am paired up with a 5th grader at a local elementary school.  I get to meet her next Tuesday.  In addition to writing motivational notes to her, I will run both a practice 5k with her and then a 5k race.

some girls at their fall 5k

  • New Routes

I get bored with the same old, same old.  I am always looking for a new place to do my runs, especially those long, boring ones. I am lucky to have access to quite a few flat bike paths.


one of my new favorites – Delmar Rail Trail

Still, I was glad to find another new trail (Thanks to Judy). The Zim Smith Trail is 9 miles long.  I’ve only run 2 miles of it so I have a lot more exploring to do.


In addition to a nearby bakery, at one end, there are public restrooms and along the trail, interesting wood carvings.

Check this video:

  • Upcoming Races

There’s always a race on my schedule.  In fact, I have one for each of the next three weekends.


This race is Sunday.  It’s my 2nd time for this race and it’s on a familiar flat running route.  Afterwards, I’ll add on 7 more miles.


This is one of my favorite races because it is flat and near where I live. Of course, after the race, I’ll have to run 6 more miles.

This race is April 9. I signed up for the 10k but I’m getting cold feet and may switch.  It’s very hilly.  I’ve run the 5k twice and won a pie each time for my AG award. Afterward, I need to enough miles to make it to 12.

  • Next Big One

April 24 – it’s hilly so I guess at some point I should do some hill training.

Happy Running! Do you participate in any running groups?  Have you had the opportunity to mentor other runners? Did your blog make the list?  Which blogs are missing? Do you run races while you are training for a big race? Do you search out new places to run?  What are you thinking about this Thursday?



14 thoughts on “TOLT: 100 Best Running Blogs, Group Runs,Volunteering, New Routes, Racing, etc.

  1. I’ve heard of GOTR before but I’ve never heard of STEM. I haven’t had a chance to volunteer with a running group yet though that’s something I’d love to do in the future.


  2. Our school is doing GOTR too and I’m going to be a running buddy! So excited cus the final 5K is held at my church!

    I’ve read the lady’s blog who does the healthy mom’s magazine but I am never able to comment for some technical reason. Maybe that’s why our blog didn’t make the list..womp womp, or perhaps she just doesn’t like


    • That’s funny. I’ve never read her blog.

      Your blog deserves to be there – more than mine.

      Hope you enjoy your GOTR experience. The kids are always so cute.


  3. Congrats to you on the top 100! You and Judy! That’s wonderful for you both! I love that you’re so involved with helping other people, what great programs! I’ll have to look to see if there’s anything like that here. It sounds so rewarding… for everyone!


  4. I used to volunteer a lot before I moved her, but I kind of burned out on it.

    I seriously do not know how I made the list (or how they came up with their choices). There are so many blogs on it that I truly admire & have been reading long before I started blogging.

    I am definitely doing my long run Sunday (assuming nothing changes between now & then & I don’t catch whatever crud everyone else is catching).


    • When I was teaching, I never had the time to volunteer much. But with running, I feel the need to help others love it as much as I do.

      I’m with you. I don’t deserve to be there. I really don’t put much time into it not nearly as much as others do. Many really good ones are missing from the list. My blog is kinda my personal running log for the most part.

      I’ll run after my race on Saturday since Sunday is Easter. I think I may have company or else I’ll do it alone.

      Enjoy your visit with the parents.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. It’s fun being a GOTR buddy. I worked with the Stride program (for boys) a few years ago. Congrats on being on the blogger list. That’s great that you signed up to run with a group during the week. You may surprise yourself at races after you try a little speedwork!


    • It did help me the first fall of the group but the problem is that it is scheduled often the day after a long run or a race. Monday is normally my rest day. It is dangerous to do speed work on tired legs.


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