Thinking Out Loud Thursday: Technology, Training, Winter, Sleep and more…

thinking out loud

Since it is Thursday,  I’m linking up today with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud Thursday.

Here’s what I’m thinking today…


I was away for 6 days and I did not go on a computer.  Not even once. Not even tempted.

  • No reading blogs.
  • No commenting on blogs.
  • No blog postings (I scheduled them all before I left.)
  • No replying to emails.

I did minimally post to FB and IG with my phone so that my friends would not think I dropped off the face of the earth.

Sorry fellow bloggers, I ignored you all. But it felt great.

I’m back now … and trying to catch up.


I was so lucky to be spared the ugly winter weather typical for the NE.  I was able to get all my long runs in for my recent half marathon.

It would have been nice to schedule a break.

March 13, 2016

This half marathon is in 5 weeks!!!

It means that I don’t have a break from double digit long runs.  10, 11, 12, 8, and then 13.1


VCM is the next one I registered for.

But I’m also even considering one for April 24 – 6 weeks after Celebrate Life.  Yes, I have lost my mind!!


I just got back from Florida.

There was none of this:

Pat & I at Englewood Beach

in 2013

It was cold…40’s in the am and 50’s in the pm with awful cold winds off the water.


in 2016

But I shouldn’t have been complaining.

This is what I saw yesterday.


The low predicted for Sunday is -6 degrees and windy! And yes, I have to run 10 miles in that plus find a clear place to do it.


I am an awful sleeper. I have a hard time falling asleep and if I do, I have a hard time staying asleep.

Unfortunately, I recently discovered that my FitBit tracks my sleep patterns. (I had hid it originally.)


I average some weeks getting 4 hours a night.  Some nights I get 3. I rarely get more than 5 hours. UGH!!

Aren’t you supposed to get 8 hours???

Happy Running! How are you surviving running in the winter?  Do you get enough sleep?  What are you thinking about this Thursday?


21 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thursday: Technology, Training, Winter, Sleep and more…

  1. With Chester gone, now, most nights I do get enough sleep. I’m a light sleeper, but most of the times I really do sleep well. I’d be a zombie on the amount you get — oh wait, for the last half of last year I WAS a zombie!


  2. My sleep varies a lot but last night was a great night and I slept 8 hours. However, my usual is around 7 and I’m not complaining. We are currently in Miami and yes, it has been chillier than we expected, but we get on a cruise boat tomorrow and hopefully it will be much warmer in the Caribbean!


  3. winter running def sets me back, and i’m also finding that my legs are more sore these past few months as well, so i’m not sure if it’s the cold weather or increase in strength or what it is, but my mileage is def down. i’ll be excited to have a half to look forward to in May and hopefully another one before then or shortly after, before a full in the fall. my parents are in FL for the winter and it’s been sort of chilly for them lately as well.


  4. Not going on the computer for a long period of time always feels so good to me. I actually try and take a social media break every few months because our world is too connected with it.


  5. I can’t help but wonder about the 8hours thing as well, seeing as I seem to function just fine on about 5. There have been times where I tried to get more sleep, but no matter how early/late I go to bed, I always seem to wake up at the 5 hour mark. That’s just more time to get stuff done, right? 😉


  6. I don’t have too much difficulty sleeping but my sleep is very very deep now that I cut way back on sugar and gluten. And I mean really deep. I did the 21 day sugar detox a couple years back and the effect it had on my sleep was unbelievable.

    We had yucky weather this week and I had to run in the cold, wind & rain one day. I hate that. Luckily my weekend run I scheduled for Sunday and it shouldn’t be too bad. 32 to 35.


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